“NOT ANYTHING” – The support of the Novarese Community Foundation continues to support the project for early school exchanges and youth difficulties, promoted by the “Amici del Fermi” Association of Arona.


“NOT ANYTHING” – The support of the Novarese Community Foundation continues to support the project for early school exchanges and youth difficulties, promoted by the “Amici del Fermi” Association of Arona. A public meeting is also scheduled for Thursday, May 19 in Arona.


Novara, May 9, 2022. School experience is an irreplaceable opportunity for cultural and human growth; the moment in which the image of what one wants to become is worked out. Because of this the Amici del Fermi Association of Arona launched a project for many years Unlike early school leaving and youth inconvenience that the Covid 2019 pandemic has continued to escalate. Insecurity, relationship breakdown, loneliness: school is not always able to prevent and combat these situations on its own. For this reason, in “E. Fermi” the project “Nobody Less” was born which was created by the Volunteer and mentor-trained professionals who provide mentoring to first- and second-grade students; Age at which the highest failure rate is determined.

The association – you explain President of the association “Amici del Fermi”, prof. Sabina Trottiwas born six years ago when we noticed that many students, for various reasons, lived a quiet recognition and often dropped out of school or suffered without participating. Through the project, we tried to listen to the difficulties of students and families, to build a synergy network to propose answers to various problems. Since then, the association has grown and strengthened, a network of virtual relationships between public bodies, third sector entities and people who, for various reasons, value the work we do for the good of the whole community by bringing their skills to bear. and above all, their enthusiasm“.

Since 2016, the project has reduced the failure rate at the institute to 2% and greatly increased its relationship with the world of volunteering, offering an educational alternative. This was possible thanks to the innovative features of the initiative:

  • Integration and interaction: Indeed, a high level of interaction between school and extra-school, adolescents in the world of social fragility, public institutions, the third sector and profit world is expected;
  • The relationship with families: Particular attention is paid to the dynamism of the dialogue with and between the elements of the families concerned;
  • Increasing youth leadership: Young people are direct protagonists and engines of participation, overcoming the concept of canonical experiences of volunteering.

The project “Non uno di less” therefore supports students in difficulty by: one-on-one training, peer education, assisted study. In the six years 400 students benefited from it, 130 Operators Formats, 100 volunteers engaged, 300 hours of training for operators, students and volunteers, 8,000 hours of assisted study per year.

All the time – adds de Vice-President of the association, prof. Rosanna Di FedericoSchool is my passion. It worried me that sometimes we would not take care of the problematic children. So, with a colleague, we worked out the project. We were aware of the belief that everyone wants to experience school not only as an experience of cultural but also human growth, so it was necessary to activate ways that allow everyone to live a full and positive experience. The results? We see people leaving and becoming aware of their skills, becoming protagonists of their school life: the most beautiful show in the world“.

The Fondazione Comunità Novarese onlus has believed in the initiative from the beginning and has chosen over the years to support it with various contributions. in the, todaywith the activation of one ComunitAttiva project and a fundraiser.

The project will be told in all its details to the commune on Thursday 19 May at 6 pm in the Aula Magna of the commune of Arona an via San Carlo, 2 (Free Admission).

The foundation – you comment President of the Novara Community Foundation onlus, Prof Davide MaggiSince its inception, the project has supported the “Not one less” project, as it has always believed in the fundamental importance of improving the quality of school life and the need to address situations of difficulty, contrast early school exchange and provide an ecologically sustainable education to promote them; all to stimulate the birth of an educational community capable of actively involving families, institutions, non-profit organizations and businesses. Everyone, from a very young age, must feel responsible and protagonist of their choices, striving for positive models that pursue collective well-being. The proximity that we will repeat in 2022 for the “Non one less” project fits perfectly in the 2022 pay plan promoted by the Foundation, generally oriented towards the care of young people; among those most affected by the effects of the pandemic“.

Everyone can participate, even with a small donation, to carry out this project ALWAYS remember to include in the description “Not one less – Liceo Fermi Arona” with the following tools:

current account n. 18205146 on behalf of the Novarese Community Foundation onlus

IBAN Code IT63 T0760110100000018205146

in favor of the Novara Community Foundation onlus

  • PAYPAL ACCOUNT at the Novara Community Foundation

to the email address donare@fondazionenovarese.it


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