Noi Magazine: Information and training for young people

Information and training tool. It was the title of the first page of the insert Mir Magazin, which debuted on September 19, 1996 in the Gazzetta del Sud. Today, after twenty-six years of commitment and passion, the content is changing but the desire to cultivate an appreciated dialogue channel with an evolving audience is unchanged, increasingly challenging and above all in search of listening. Noi Magazine – Consolidating the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation’s commitment to the cultural growth of younger generations, and a dimension of continuity between Sicily and Calabria – was born out of an idea by then-news editor Lino Morgante, who now serves as president and editorial director it developed strongly, and for twenty years it was “animated” by the commitment of its late colleague Renato Cortimiglia, which launches it on the broadcasting areas, retaining a very large school audience of managers, teachers and, of course, female students and students. Since 2015, the editorial insert has been internalized on all editions of the Gazzetta: Messina-Sicily; Reggio; Cosenza; Catanzaro-Crotone-Lamezia-Vibo. In 2019, the launch of the brand with the original project “Gazzetta del Sud in classe con Noi Magazine”, sponsored by the Order of Sicilian journalists and the school office, and widespread agreement with institutions associated with the youth world. Gazzetta del Sud, always a reliable “classmate”, provides a “title” learning tool – also in the PCTO of high schools – to encourage the participation of young people, “doc” information, critical reading (on paper, but without the horizon neglecting the digital transition), writing responsibly on behalf of inclusion, equal opportunities and sustainability, strengthening the interaction between the editorial staff and schools for the production of quality content, supported by contributions from experts and news outlets Interest in education sector.
Multimedia on the SES network has been specially developed: the print newspaper, RTp TV, the antenna dello Stretto Radio and the strategic website, which with a special space also facilitates dissemination on social channels. An activity that is fully in line with the objectives of the government, with the joint actions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Publishing, which finances the purchase of newspapers by the schools.
The desire to propose a positive exploration of exceptional digital resources, made even more urgent by the massive increase in the load triggered by the pandemic, has provided the clue to a profitable online expansion, especially during difficult lock-in periods, including through the new GDS Academy . the cycle of web events associated with the project, whose original format is characterized by the direct confrontation between students from Messina and Calabria with experts and institutional representatives.
The new season also marks the opening for the university world, together with the universities of the diffusion fields and especially those of Messina, with the participation of female and male students; the stable dissemination of the newspaper and university environment and the launch of the Unime GDS Lab, the joint journalistic technology laboratory. A stimulus also for the synergy between the segments of didactic education, as a useful strategy to combat the abandonment of studies – an alarming social emergency between Sicily and Calabria – and for a collective cultural improvement, in the context of an educational community the resources form present on the territory present in future intellectuals, in which Gazzetta del Sud also plays a significant and recognized role.

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