No staff reductions to fund teaching staff: Last-minute agreement

In order to finance the training of teachers, it must not be provided for in the strengthening of staff, as was originally provided for in Decree 36, which was approved by the Government, on the training and recruitment of teachers.

The first to announce this was the rapporteur for the decree Andrea CanginiSenator of Forza Italia.

As for the direct reductions in reinforcements’ teaching staff, these will not be there. “it will focus on the resources freed up by the natural reduction of teaching staff in connection with the demographic decline of the student population“Seet de Cangini.

In this sense, the text submitted to the Senate in the Chamber states that “the costs arising from the implementation of this section are provided as for € 10 million in 2026, € 52 million in 2027, € 118 million in ” 2028, 184 million euros in 2029, 250 million euros in 2030 and 316 million euros from 2031, by adjusting the staff of the teaching staff’s autonomy after assessing the lower costs resulting from the adaptation of Personnel of autonomy are created according to the demographic trend, taking into account the migration flow, from the school year 2026/2027 and up to the school year 2031/2032, within the framework of the annual terminations with corresponding reduction of the budget agreements of the relevant chapters, completed Personal “.

In addition, “what about 30 million euros in 2026, 33 million euros in 2027, 42 million euros in 2028, 52 million euros in 2029, 61 million euros in 2030 and 71 million euros to start from 2031 by a corresponding reduction of the fund provided for in Article 1, section 200, of Law no. 190. In connection with the adjustment referred to in the preceding period, the regional school offices shall communicate to each school the consistency of the staff of the autonomy..

That’s why you are Encouraged training is not funded by cutting staff levels of reinforced staff, but by hiring staff of autonomy.


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