No second rounds today either!

The Veneto Regional Committee announces that the Publication of Official Notice n.16 it will be postponed until tomorrow Thursday 11 August pv of!

Academy: the psychologist Enrico Nerboldi (which many of us know as bombers) organize with Hilenia Lovato and Barbara Tadiello the Academy for School and Sports Growth for children from 8 to 16 years. The goal is to improve school and sports performance! The apartment is located in Rosolina Mare and is more or less 150 meters from the beach. It will be a week full of activities with the aim of improving all areas related to cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral aspects

Friendly Montecchio- Cartigliano: at 17.00 in the Cosaro stadium, an expectation of one of the most heated derbies in Serie D was played: Montecchio and Cartigliano. The match ended with the success of Cartigliano 1-0: in the 52nd minute he scored Brugnolo with a nice shot from outside. The first half ended with 0-0

These are the formations: Montecchio: Gherardi, Crestani, Rocco, Burato, Zanella, Meggiolaro; Zanazzi, Djuric, Borgo, Strada, (Grancara from 40′) Marchesini; available: Rossetto, Dal Cortivo, Violato, Dal Dosso, Artuso, Pegoraro, Faedo, Bari, Spinato; Coach Dal Degan

Cartigliano: Melone, Bordignon, Gobbetti, Boudra, Pellizzer, Buson; Tonin, Miniati, Di Gennaro, Barzon, Scapin GM.; available: Chiarello, Lunardon, Pregnolato, Brugnolo, Stevanin, Baggio, Pan, Brunazzi, Giacobbo, Damar, Rigoni, Zambolin; Coach Ferronato

Friendly match Valdagno- Trissino: the friendly match between Valdagno and Trissino will be played at the Polisportivo di Valdagno on August 24 at 8 p.m.

Azzurra Maglio gioca on August 31 with Real Brogliano and on September 7 with Virtus Cornedo Juniors

Team of the second category dell’alto Vicentino is looking for a friendly match to be played on August 20. Contact the site.

Arzignano: Arzignano Valchiampo completes the goalkeeper group with. Born in 2000, originally from the province of Venice, the goalkeeper comes on a temporary basis from Venezia FC where he grew up in the youth sector and played in the first team as the third goalkeeper in the year of the Serie B play-off victory and the consistent Promotion. in Serie A.

After his start as a goalkeeper in Caltana, a team from his country of origin, he moved to Dolo and later to the National Juniores of Campodarsego. Taken from Venice, from Allievi Nazionali to Primavera, he grows up with these colors, experiences in 2020 the experience in the first team as the third goalkeeper, Serie B and the victory of the play-offs. Over the years he has been loaned to Delta Porto Tolle and Montebelluna in Serie D, to Seregno and Trento in Serie C.

Belfiorese: Junior training Regional of Belfiorese, who are preparing to start the summer preparation in view of the upcoming championship, have as coach Luca Martini. The championship starts on Saturday 17 September: the Belfiorese are included in group B, made up of 14 teams, mostly from Verona, with the only addition of the Vicenza teams. Chiampo, MM Sarego Academy and Veca Rivereel. The blue and white leader is full of enthusiasm and can’t wait to start the adventure. He is a great football connoisseur, professionalism and seriousness are his strengths.

Sarcedo: The training for Mauro Fontana’s team starts on August 16. In the friendly calendar, these matches are: Saturday 20 August with Berton Bolzano, Wednesday 24 with Junor Monticello and Wednesday 31 August with Virtus Romano; to define a possible friendly match will be played on Wednesday 7 September
The Rev David Stephen also announces the squad of Calcio Sarcedo for the next season
Goalkeepers: Facci Alvise (2005), Michelon Mattia (2000), Zaffonato Alberto (2004 from the Juniores Elite); Defendant: Berlato Mattia (2001), Canova Davide (2004 from the Junior Elite), Dalla Via Davide (2005), Dal Santo Giacomo (97), Garbin Alessandro (2005), Pretto Giovanni (2003 from the Junior Elite), Stefani Davide (84 ), Vescovi Giovanni (2002); Midfielder: Agostini Ronnie (2004 from the Elite Juniors), Azzolini Gabriele (94), Calderato Filippo (2003 from the Elite Juniors) Canderle Marco (2004 from the Elite Juniors), Eberle Marco (95 from V. Cornedo), Giacomelli Leonardo (99) , Milan Nicolò (2004), Moro Riccardo (99), Simonato Jacopo (86), Zanin Riccardo (96); Forward: Battaglin Andrea (92 from Caldogno), Calgaro Daniel (99), Nanto Andrea (2003) Rigoni Marco (96).

Canova (photo from

Triangle: On Wednesday August 24, the triangle will be held on the Laghetto field in Vicenza to commemorate the figure of the unforgettable secretary of Pond Giampietro “Piero” Rasotto, a great sports fan. At 19.00, Pedezzi and Telemar are on the field. at 20.00 Summania with the loser of the first match and at 21.00 Piovene’s team with the winner of the first match.

under 17: The Under 17 team gathered and started the training sessions at the Gagliardotti Sports Field, under the guidance of Mr. Luca Rigoni. This is the squad of players called up for this initial training phase: Goalkeepers: Lapo Siviero (born 2006), Maycol Tejada Barreras (born 2006) Defendant: Georges Chris Emanuel Acka (born 2006), Tommaso Cazzin (born 2006), Riccardo Cerantola (born 2006), Matteo Martini (born 2006), Leonardo Pegoraro (born 2006) Midfielder: Tommaso Carlesso (born 2006), Luca Carlino (born 2006), Lorenzo Imbevaro (born 2006), Manuel Llukaj (born 2006), Matteo Morittu (born 2006), Lorenzo Fortunato Muraro (born 2006), Davide Oliviero (born 2006), Alessandro Pallaro (born 2006), Pietro Pozzolo (born 2006), Tommaso Sacchetto (born 2006), Alessandro Zonta (born 2006), Alessandro Zorzi (born 2007) Forward: Alex Dal Bon (born 2006), Jacopo Marzotto (born 2006), Riccardo Romio (born 2006), Jacopo Romio (born 2006), Daniel Badu Taylor (born 2006)

Vicenza Women’s Soccer: Moreno Dalla Pozza has decided to extend his contract as first team coach by signing a two-year contract that will tie him to our club until June 30, 2024.

Mr. Dalla Pozza

In this decision, in addition to the loyalty towards the team, the staff and the management, there is a strong confidence in the Biancorosso project, Dalla Pozza has therefore made known his intentions to support the team in its progress to proceed. City in this great movement growth plan

Virtus Cornedo: Today and tomorrow and then Virtus Cornedo’s oxygen time in the magnificent Recoaro Basin will come to an end. The Cornedese group is a guest of the Hotel Trettenero, which counts on every comfort with a wellness area with sauna, jacuzzi and massage area. For one of those casual encounters that can happen, our director Federico Formisano was in Recoaro today and crossed paths with the Cornedo group, chatting with Mr. Zenorini and the players. On Friday, the team ends this period in Asiago to play the friendly match with Arzignano. Mister Zenorini said that he was satisfied with the work that was done in these days and with the optimal logistical arrangement.

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