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The full-time section comes to Da Vinci Primary School, Mayor Diolaiuti: “Reward our Stubbornness”

Despite last year’s non-acceptance, the municipal administration continued to work to ensure that MIUR, the Ministry of Education, approved the full-time section of Da Vinci Primary School, as requested by the parents and by the school itself.

In these hours, the desired news has arrived and therefore the children who are in Da Vinci Primary School from the next school year 2022-2023 full time can make a formula of great help for the families and also important for the growth. and education of children.

For the municipal administration another success, which rewards the great commitment of the Mayor Gilda Diolaiuti, the Councilor for Public Education Erminio Maraia, the entire council and municipal offices, together with the Galilei Comprehensive Institute.

“We received communication from schoolteacher Rossella Quirini and we were really pleased about this,” commented Mayor Gilda Diolaiuti, The cooperation of the Regional Councilor Marco Nicolai and the Regional School Office has contributed to this important goal, which will greatly help many families and improve the school offerings of Pieve and Nievole. We thank all those involved in the formation process. participated in this ministerial decision “.

The local government had addressed the problem as early as 2021, when a letter signed by the mayor called on the regional school office to review measures to prevent the decision to make a full-time section in the primary school. Leonardo da Vinci, to satisfy both the needs expressed by the families, as well as an enhanced learning.

The request was also proposed on the basis of the assessment that the pandemic has further created the need for families to benefit from an educational opportunity and a contribution in terms of time and employment opportunities for their members, in full security.

The local government, in order to make its own contribution to this worthy project, guarantees both school transport and food, a moment that will also be crucial in the process of food education and thus health education for all children.

Source: Pieve and Nievole Commune


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