New temporary precarious exceptional competition with 3 years of service, starting June 15 with single test. Approved amendment of the Milleproroghe Decree

Another important change of school, which was adopted in the Chamber in relation to the Milleproroghe Decree: the new extraordinary competition for precarious teachers with 3 years of service begins on 15 June.

To give the news to the President of ANIEF, Marcello Pacifico: “Approved Amendment 5.21 (Di Giorgi, PD) to the Milleproroghe which rewrites the reserved contest. Temporary workers with 3 years of service in the last five years who have worked in public schools can participate with a single competition test until June 15, 2022 and with a test year for concurrent with the university training activities for confirmation in the role to carry out.“.

The competition should start on December 31st. Now, with the Milleprogohe decree, the procedure should begin June 15.

Here is Amendment 5.21 (Di Giorgi, PD)

5.21 After section 3, the following is added: 3.bis The term referred to in paragraph 4, first sentence, of Article 59 of the Decree-Law of 25 May 2021, n. 73, converted, with amendments, by the Act of 23 July 2021, n. 106, will only be extended for support positions, for the school year 2022/2023; the relative procedures are also. Entries to dispose of the roll in accordance with current legislation are reserved. 3rd paragraph 9-bis of Article 59 of the Decree Law no. 73, converted, with amendments, by the Act of 23 July 2021, n. 106, shall be replaced by the following: “9-bis. and 4 is carried out, except for those places which are prohibited in the competitions for teachers by the decrees of the Head of the Department of Education and Education of the Ministries of Education Nos. 498 and 499 of 21 April 2020 , published in the Official Journal, 4th Special Series, No. 34 of April 28, 2020, announces an exceptional competition procedure by region and class of competition, reserved for teachers not referred to in paragraph 4, who provide a service in the state educational establishments of at least 3 years, even if not consecutively, in the last five school years, assessed according to Article 11, paragraph 14 of Law No. 124. The notice also determines the secretarial contribution paid to the participants reproached becomes, to an extent, fully covering the burden of competition proceedings. Each candidate may participate in the procedure in a single region and for a single competition class and may participate only for a competition class for which he has accumulated at least one year of assessment in accordance with the initial period. The regional ranking of merits is prepared on the basis of qualifications and the score is obtained in a disciplinary test to be held from June 15, 2022, the characteristics of which are defined by decree of the Minister of Education. Within the limits of the places referred to in this section, which have not been made available for mobility and entry into the role, the successful candidates who are placed in a useful position in the ranking, for a firm term from the School year 2022/2023 employed and participating with honors and personal responsibility for training also in collaboration with universities that integrate their professional skills. During the contract of appointment, the candidates also undergo the annual initial training and probationary period provided for in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree of 13 April 2017, n. 59. After the marriage of the test, which completes the path referred to in the fifth period, as well as the marriage of the annual initial training and the test, the teacher is employed indefinitely and confirmed in the role with legal and economic. Effective September 1, 2023 or, if later, from the date of enrollment of service in the same school where he served on a particular basis. The training courses, referred to in the fifth period, and the relevant final tests are arranged by decree of the Minister of Education. The ranking referred to in this section loses after entry into the role of the winners “.

How many places will be available?

The MEF has authorized 112,474 places for the school year 2021/22.

Of these, the school bureaus managed to cover 59,425 through gae, competitions, and GPS first band (of which 12,840 tasks were assigned according to the procedures of Art. 59 Section 4 of the Decree of Support until).

The Decree of Support tells us that in the remaining places, which have not yet been completed by the ordinary competitions, a new extraordinary competition will be launched “for a number of places equal to the free and available for the school year 2021/2022, which remain of the entries in the roll“.

The overall calculation could lead to about 15,000 jobs being filled. New exceptional competition, hypotheses are 15,000 places. How to identify contest classes

The calculation is confirmed in the light of reports submitted by the ministry to the unions.

Who can participate?

The access requirements. The procedure

  • it is reserved for teachers who are not among those participating in the recruitment of GPS / additional lists 2021/2022;
  • is reserved for teachers who have completed three years of service in public schools within the time limit for applying for participation (as assessed under Article 11/14 of Law No 124/99), even if not consecutive, in the last five years, one of which is specific, that is, in the class of contests for which you participate

Therefore, you need the specific year of service for the competition class in which you are participating. The annuities provided for access are only valid if they are carried out in the public school, also in different school grades or in a support post.

New exceptional competition, disciplinary test until June 15: who can participate, how it takes place. The FAQ

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