New recruitment, Ancodis: “Archived teachers to pay for education upgrade. A short-sighted and harmful choice for school autonomy”

Ancodis returns to comment on the decree, which includes the reform of the recruitment and training of teachers.

By decree Law 36 – writes the Ancodis – interesting and significant attention is paid to the subject of education and training, which becomes permanent, structural and acquires a concrete “professional value”. If, on the one hand, it is stated that teachers (not for everyone!) Need to undergo training, including economic stimuli, that have an impact on both remuneration and progression in pay, on the other – and this is really worrying ! – in art. Section 16 5 stipulates that the financial resources will be made available “through the rationalization of staff by law implemented from the school year 2026/2027” through the reduction “as a priority the annual rate of staff for the strengthening of Training offer “.

It is worth remembering – further collaborators of the DS – that it is written in section 63 of Law 107 that the “educational institutions pursue the objectives set out in paragraphs 1 to 4 and the implementation of organizational and coordination functions” by the staff of autonomy consists of common places, for the support and strengthening of the training offer. “

Today we note, Ancodis continues, with art. 16th paragraph 5 that an MIOPE and IRRESPONSIBLE political-financial choice has been made, which in the near future will produce serious consequences, which will profoundly and negatively affect school autonomy in three of its strengths:
a) Autonomy teaching: teacher empowerment was introduced by section 7 of Article 1 of Law 107/2015 and can – according to what is decided in the collegiate bodies – be assigned for its whole school timetable or partly specific activities that each institution has identified in the PTOF to address the complexity of students’ educational needs;
b) organizational autonomy; based on the management complexity of the school, school managers are given the opportunity to identify teachers (collaborators, managers of degraded complexes, sector coordinators, contacts identified in accordance with Art.25 of Legislative Decree 165/2001 and paragraph 83 1 of the law 107/2015), to be assisted and supported in the organizational management of the school;
c) the efficiency and quality of the educational and organizational functioning of the school through the dedicated service partly or exclusively of the professional and organizational system figures (DS collaborators, department coordinator, digital animator, training tutor, FFSS, contact persons).

In the current legal and contractual framework, Ancodis insists, thanks to the reinforcement staff, that the school principal – in order to guarantee a better and adequate service to the school community – one or more collaborators who are committed to the school, a full or partial detachment by the teaching staff. Taking over offices and organizational and coordinating functions that are useful and indispensable for the efficient and effective management of the school. Today, however, with art. 16th Section 5 of Legislative Decree 36 significantly weakens didactic and organizational autonomy and intervenes negatively on the quality of functioning, lays the foundations for a complicated action of mediation between didactic activity in the learning environment and that of organizational functioning and didactic . ,
So we invite the political forces and the unions to find various financial solutions, so as not to further compromise the precarious state of the Italian school by effectively canceling out what little school autonomy we breathe today.

And – taking into account the modern complexity of the autonomous school – we contribute to giving every school the opportunity for a teacher who works with the teacher to be legally seconded, in order to carry out the collaboration fully and effectively, closed the association under the leadership of Rosolino Cicero.

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