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For many years it has been an important educational center for the whole Amiata area. Young people from mountain villages like Abbadia San Salvatore, Radicofani, Castiglione d’Orcia, but also students from the Grosseto side of the mountain are trained here, gaining the high school leaving certificate and access to prestigious university faculties from the brilliant non-professional only in technical Subjects, but also in various sectors including humanities and medical education. This is the former state institute for polls ‘Luigi Einaudi’ in Piancastagnaio.

A story that began in the late 1960s and ended in the 1990s with the definitive closure and merger of the sections with the Avogadro Institute at Abbadia San Salvatore. The premises of the Piancastagnaio School for Surveys were owned by the Tuscan province of the Discalced Carmelite Friars who lived there until the end of the 1990s in their own convent next to the sanctuary of Madonna di San Pietro.

Since the construction of the building, the province of the Carmelite brothers has leased the premises to another province, in this case the province of Siena, which has exactly transformed the structure into a public vocational school for the training of future graduates. Over time, due to a massive attendance of young people enrolled in the diploma course, there was a slow decline both in terms of the number of enrollments and the problems of the technical and static adaptation of the whole building. These problems have decreed their closure with the transfer of some members, as we have said, to Abbadia San Salvatore and other cities in the province of Siena. Not without regret and controversy, precisely because with the closure of the Institute for Surveyors an additional study opportunity was created for the young of Amiata.

But now a new story opens up for the former Einaudi Institute. The municipal administration of Piancastagnaio, which has given the owners of the former convent of the Discalced Carmelites and of the former school for surveys, wants to recover the property for cultural and educational purposes. “We have entrusted the work for the recovery of the former Einaudi – said the Deputy Mayor of Piancastagnaio, Franco Capocchi -: they will begin in these days. A major work of restoration and seismic adaptation of the building, which together with The hostel of the former convent is an important container for the many socio-cultural realities of the city. used, part on the ground will host the important school of leather goods “.

Giuseppe Serafini

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