New hire, transfer request to get property. When triennial block is triggered

Newly hired teachers apply for mobility (transfer) in the first year of their term of office and, only after the said mobility, they are subject to the three-year constraint provided for in Article 399, Section 3, of Legislative Decree 297/94.

Headquarters Owners of new employees

The CCNI Mobility 2022/25 intervenes on the discipline of the assignment of registered office to new employees, consideredas we read in Article 2, section 6, of the same agreement ... the lack of discipline on the subject of the acquisition of ownership of the seat after the entry into force of Law no. 145“.

We remind you that the above-mentioned Law no. 145/2018 amended the Legislative Decree. n. 59/2017 (Implementation of Law 107/2015), which stipulates that the winning teaching staff of the competition, to carry out the annual initial training and test courses, will no longer be assigned to the territorial areas during recruitment, but to a School that effectively became the school of property.

Speaking of the above, the CCNI noted that for the school years 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25, the newly hired teachers receive the school owner through a voluntary application for territorial mobility (transfer), which must be received in the first year of the role.

In practice, teachers put into the role:

  • they are assigned to a school selected among the available ones where they can take the probationary period;
  • then, during the school year of recruitment, they make a request for transfer to get the school they own;
  • if they do not submit an application, they will (prior to the movements) be assigned as owners who have been assigned at the time of employment in the role with the same effective date;
  • similarly, they will be assigned as a school of owners who have been assigned at the time of employment in the role with the same start date if they do not receive a seat among those specified in the mobility application;
  • they will automatically be assigned to the school of ownership if they are identified as losing places (in the school assigned at the time of recruitment) and will not make a voluntary application, whether conditional or not, or if the places requested are not assigned.

The above applies to newly hired teachers in the school years 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24. Therefore, the first new employees who are subject to the new regulations are those who were hired in the current school year (2021/22).

Three-year block

As soon as the ownership is acquired after the above procedure (ie through a mobility application or in the case where they remain in the school in which they were assigned at the time of employment in the role or by office duties), for the above teachers (and in general for all teachers hired from the school year 2020/21) the three-year obligation is triggered provided for in Article 399, Section 3, of Legislative Decree n. 297/94, as amended by Article 58, Section 2 – Letter f), of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021, amended into Law no. 106/2021 (which in practice reduced the restriction from 5 to 3 years):

Teachers in all capacities who are recipients of permanent appointments may request the transfer, change of professor or term of office, provisional order or use in another school, or permanent teaching positions in another role or class of the competition only after three school years of effective service in the educational institution of owners, without prejudice to supernumerary or supernumerary situations.

Teachers are hired on the basis of the academic year 2020/21on, once the owners buy upfollowing the procedure described above, for three school years, they can not:

  • ask for transfer, change of role / chair, provisional assignment or use in another school;
  • accept substitute positions in another role or competition class, according to Art. 36 of the CCNL 2007.

The above movements and commands can only be requested and obtained afterwards three years of efficient service in the school of owners.

They are not subject to the restriction under examination the teachers:

  • referred to in Article 33, sections 3 and 6, of Law 104/1992, provided that the conditions are determined after the date of registration in the respective competition announcements or the periodic inclusion in the ranking until exhaustion (or rather the annual update), only possible to enter the titles of the priority);
  • superfluous or superfluous.

In the event of dismissal or surplus, for the lines of the period of three years (after which the lock is exceeded), the years completed in the newly assigned school shall be completed on those in the previous school.

Teaching staff employed in academic year 2020/21

The presentation of the mobility application for the acquisition of the property school, intended for newly hired teachers in the AES 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24, is also possible for those who are placed in the role in the academic year. 2020/21, although the same, in accordance with the above-mentioned Article 399 of Legislative Decree 297/94, they can introduce them from the next school year.

This is what we read in CCNI 2022/25:

Without prejudice to the mobility operations carried out for the school year 2021/2022 in order to acquire the property, even those who were employed in the school year 2020/2021 can apply for mobility for the school year 2022/2023.

We would like to point out that these teachers are free to stay in the school in which they are currently, and then possibly apply for the next school year, without any of the above mentioned new employers being hired 2021/22, 2022 / 23 and 2023 / brings with it. 24.

Mobility 2022, here’s news about restrictions [SCARICA TESTO in PDF] For the unions they create differences between the teachers, currently only the CISL signs

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