New bonus 2022, € 300 without Draghi’s ISEE. Questions May!

New Bonus 2022 Redeem with. The Draghi government offers a refund of 300 euros to specifications Categories of workers. Everyone can contribute, regardless of an income status or equity, ISEE abegraff.

For those who are interested in knowing what 2022 bonuses can be claimed in the current year, we recommend you watch an interesting YouTube video from Mr. LUL’s lepaghedial channel.

Recently approved by the Executive, the new 2022 Home Help and Operator Bonus allows female and domestic workers to benefit a refund of up to 300 euros from May 1st.

Attention, this is not the 2022 Housewives bonus of which we hear so much these days, but of and Bonus without ISEE exclusively addressed to domestic workers present throughout Italian territory.

To make public the news of the entry and the scene of the new 2022 bonus Aiming for help in nursing homes was “New Collaboration”, the National Association of Domestic Patrons, Thank you Post a post on your Facebook account.

As for other bonuses without ISEE though, it is not necessarily up to everyone. The 300 euro refund can only be obtained if meet specific requirements. Which one?

It is necessary to get out registered in the specific cashier areain addition to having done so the payment of contributions in the last three months.

May let us proceed with order so as not to be confused. In the course of the article, we will take stock of the new 2022 bonus, which is aimed at home helpers and operators who all information about the requirements is met the bonus without getting ISEE up to 300 Euros e how to submit applications from May 1, 2022.

Next, we will analyze the changes that have been made in the “long-term home”.

New bonus 2022 without ISEE, 300 Euros for help at home and operators. What is that?

Another bonus without ISEE, to add to the list of contributions added by the Draghi government to provide financial support for issues that are in difficult economic conditionsIt’s starting. has given the green light to the new ones 2022 bonus up to 300 euros for everyone Domestic workers, caregivers and domestic workers.

The introduction of the new bonus without ISEE, available from early May, was communicated with a Facebook post from the official profile of “New Collaboration”, the national association of violence employers signed by the CCN of the sector.

Bonus 300 Euros without ISEE: who is entitled to the refund which can be requested from May

May who is entitled to the new 2022 bonus without ISEE?

Refunds of up to 300 Euros will be paid to members of the Cassa Sanitaria Colf dat they open their doors to family members up to the third degree, expelled from Ukraine.

The 300 euro refunds will come paid in a single solution to the beneficiaries.

Directly on the receiving front a premise must be made: the new 2022 bonus without ISEE is not given to anyone, as happened during the epidemiological emergency of Covid-19, which led to the payment of a subsidy between 300 and 3,600 euros.

Want to be more precise, the new Maid and childcare bonus is reflected in a refund (up to 300 euros) of expenses supported by the family unit or by the domestic worker who takes a Ukrainian refugee to his home.

It will have to be, though a relative in the third degree, provided by the family who take care of the hospitality by providing Basic necessities, medicines, clothes and all other assets necessary to insure normal continuation of educational activities for children.

In a nutshell we stand in front of one Bonus without ISEE designed to welcome refugees Escape from Ukraine because of the war.

For this reason, decided to provide Ukrainian citizens in Italy, ready to receive a Ukrainian refugee (family). a refund of up to 300 Euros: the bonus for maids and operators without ISEE.

May what are the requirements to be met and the procedure to follow to apply by May 1, 2022?

New bonus without ISEE, 300 Euros without ISEE from May 2022: how does it work?

We come to the Operation of the new bonus 2022 focuses on help and care at home. Currently, there are thousands of citizens fleeing Ukraine because of it War dismissed by Russia of 24 February.

Since that date, the Russian army has invaded Ukrainian territory with a series of bombings. caused many civilian casualties: Children, women, men and soldiers. Many others have fled.

This is enough to make clear why Housekeeping maid service he decides to the introduction of a new bonus intended for reimburses the expenses incurred of all Ukrainian workers living in Italy to welcome a refugee of the same origin (relatively in the third degree) in their home.

It must be said that the bonus is included in the list of contributions without ISEE arranged by the Draghi government.

In other words, it can be requested regardless of the income situation of Ukrainian workers who borrow to welcome a family member fleeing the war to their home.

The its operation is retroactive: can reasked on May 1, 2022 for the greeting that last took place on February 24thDate of beginning of the conflict.

New bonus 2022, 300 Euros without ISEE for home and business assistance: what are the requirements to be met

As has been said several times, the new 2022 bonus without ISEE is not for all domestic workers present in Italy. Since this is a contribution, Refunds of up to € 300 will only be available if specific requirements are met.

All conditions to be included in the press release of Nuova Collaborazione.

First, Reimbursement guaranteed for home and business assistance looks like a real Bonus without ISEE introduced to provide assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

The requirements to be met include the date of submission of applications to benefit from the bonus up to 300 Euros.

Started from 1 May 2022 onwards all domestic workers (care and domestic help) registered with the specific fund, who is a relatively third-degree refugee from Ukraine near her home, will be able to apply for the new 2022 bonus.

Attention, Reimbursement of up to 300 Euros is only granted on a few expenses: those associated with the care of the family member who has fled the war.

We’re talking about the cost of insurance Maintenance of the displaced at your home. Also, Expenditure on the purchase of basic necessities, clothing, medicines, goods to guarantee the education of the children and so on.

The bonus without ISEE for home and business assistance will be given only once, for an amount not exceeding 300 euros.

The most important claim that is observed is with the mandatory contribution: Domestic workers interested in the new 2022 bonus they must be in accordance with the pension fund at least for the two quarters before the start of the repayment up to 300 euros.

New bonus 2022, 300 euros for help at home and operators: Applications from May. How to get it

We come to the questions. The new 2022 bonus up to € 300 can be claimed from May 1st of all domestic workers who have hosted a family member or up to the third degree at their home.

The questions to benefit from the repayment they go sent by e-mail, at the address:

All to be interested Additional Information on the new bonus without ISEE up to 300 euros, you can consult the information in the official press release of New Collaboration, or they can call the toll-free number 800.1000.26 from a landline for any clarification.

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