New appointments this weekend at the Yeahjasi Brindisi Spazio Musica Eventi in Brindisi

TOAST – The cultural events proposed by Yeahjasi Brindisi Spazio Musica will continue at the headquarters of the former convent of Santa Chiara (Brindisi). The exhibition by photographer Francesco Faraci will be inaugurated on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 7 pm.

Much more than a photographer, an artist at three hundred and sixty degrees: the eyes of the Palermitan is a kind of lie detector that has always loved to fall into the liveliest contexts and the most marginal.

The cities, but especially the suburbs, are for him a kind of mood to discover. Nothing is left in his lap. There is a story behind each person portrayed and there is a truth that collides with the present each time the light illuminates the subject.

His photographic works “Malacarne” and “Sicilian Human Atlas” were awarded many prizes, real immersions in the human wonder of his beloved Sicily.

Among other things, he was noticed by Jovanotti, who wanted to be with him during the Jova Beach Tour 2019, an experience from which the book Jova Beach Party was born, Chronicles from a New Era (2019, Rizzoli).

His are the covers of some translations of Roberto Saviano’s books and promotional photographs taken by Achille Lauro in the Roman suburbs.

Some of his reports have been published in national and foreign journals (The Friday of the Republic, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Time Magazine, Globe and Mail, The Guardian, VICE, Erodoto108).

He is also a video maker and writer of novels, short stories and essays.

Faraci’s presence in Brindisi provides a kind of participatory artistic residence. In addition to the exhibition, a Saturday morning (from 9) a photo tour through the districts of the Adriatic capital is on the program (info via Whatsapp at 3281475784).

After the opening of the exhibition, place for music with the DJ set by Ennio C. and HEY! (MAFFEI! Dj Set).

The event is organized by the Yeahjasi Brindisi Association as part of the Spazio Musica 2.0 project, funded by the regional note Spazi di Vicittà with the support of Località Comuni Puglia.

The day before, on March 4th at 7pm, again in the Yeahjasi area, the event entitled “Via – Vanda in Africa” ​​is scheduled. An informal meeting for young and old to tell the true reality and the beauty that comes from exchanging cultures, experiences, traditions. The format includes the projection of a video of about 4 minutes, followed by a ppt presentation by Vanda Elisa Gatti. For many years, the Brindisi activist has been involved in scientific dissemination in the field of school education and is volunteering in the world of international cooperation on various projects.

He likes to define himself as a “fighter always”, his weapons are love and passion for life and for Africa. Participate in various volunteer activities in the Milan region.


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