Neptune. On March 21, the Institute “Emanuela Loi” will mark the day of remembrance and commitment against the Mafia.

The “Emanuela Loi” Institute of Economics of Nettuno celebrates once again the day of remembrance and commitment and remembrance of the innocent victims of the Mafia, which takes place on March 21, 2022, promoted since 1996 by Libera, by Public Note a Lokal. To strengthen bodies and regions for civilian education against mafia of all kinds. Our scholastic institution, named after a victim of the Via D’Amelio massacre, is strongly committed to legality, through a series of testimonies with the family members of the victims of organized crime and through other events organized by the school’s legality commission .

“Our initiatives, carried out by the school’s legality commission, have been partially curtailed by health emergencies, but are no less incisive in doing so,” said professors Francesca Tammone and Stefania Repola, adding: “On the morning of March 21, at the seat A stimulating meeting with journalist Fabio Postiglione will be held in the evening of the same day, a delegation of 50 students will take part in the theater show “Io Emanuela”, organized by the Regional Observatory of Legality at the Rossellini Theater in Rome.
These initiatives are part of an educational path that will take place in the framework of the project on legality “stepping on our ideas”, the last event of next April 8th.

Fabio Postiglione has been a crime and justice reporter for 20 years, he started writing for the Neapolitan newspaper Roma for 16 years, then first on the “Corriere del Mezzogiorno” and for two years he worked in the “Corriere della sera” in the management office as coordinator.

During his career he dealt with 121 murders of the Camorra, with a series of investigations against organized crime and in particular for two of them he suffered severe threats: chased, letters, cars and scooters burned and damaged.
He was under escort, in May 2022 he was awarded by the Foundation “Antonino Caponnetto” during the National Assembly of Italian Magistrates for his commitment against the Mafia.

The Director of ITET “Emanuela Loi” dott. Gennaro Bosso emphasizes: “The best way to remember these women and men together with all the innocent victims of the Mafia is not to fail in the commitment of remembrance and testimony, in April some places of the school will go after victims of the school Mafia, the toponymic plaques are created by the students of the graphics and communication course, which they arrange with panels that explain and digest the stories of the victims of the Mafia families.
The initiative will be accompanied by a celebratory conference on the figure of Emanuela Loi, the first female police officer to die at the hands of the Mafia alongside Judge Paolo Borsellino while serving as an escort.

Fabio Postiglione

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