“National Night of the Lycée Klassik”

Acqui Terme. As every year, the rendezvous with the “National High School Classic Night” returns.

The fil rouge of this edition will be the theater: among the many legacies of the classical world, one of the most incisive signs of identity in the cultural physiognomy of Western man.

In this way, visitors can retrieve the history of Acqui’s theater buildings (from the Roman theater to the historic “Garibaldi”, through the lesser known “Dagna” theater); the students participating in the theater workshop give a test of their histrionic skills, and bring the comedy “SOS Olimpo” to the stage; there are moments dedicated to music, song and dance (with the lively steps of the characteristic Sirtaki).

High school students also have the opportunity to play: the musical address of IC1 and the children of IC2 bring music and theater to the stage, in an ideal way of continuity between the different school levels, under the banner from the cult of beauty to the most diverse artistic expressions.

The highlight of the evening is the Table Ronde, which recounts the presence of exceptional alumni, called upon to confirm the deepest link between school education and the construction of his personal and professional identity: writer Pier Domenico Baccalario, renowned author. , will talk to each other.of literature for children and adolescents; Paolo Giorgio, renowned director and playwright, works at the “Paolo Grassi” School of Dramatic Art in Milan; the translator Matteo Colombo, who signed the Italian translation of many texts for the major national publishers; the director Beppe Navello, historical and charismatic figure of the Italian theater world.

The evening will be dedicated to the Italian translation of Nikos Kazantzakis’ “Odyssey”: prof. Massimo Rapetti, a passionate and profound connoisseur of classical culture in the neo-Hellenic world, will entertain the public with his acute reflections on the work of the author, ranging from the various literary reinterpretations of Homer’s Ulysses.

The teacher, Dr Silvia Miraglia, the teachers and students of the institute make an appointment for Friday, May 6, from 6pm to midnight, to all alumni, to the curious, to those who love culture: there will be an opportunity, in a single evening, to fuse the nostalgic taste for Amarcord with a precious moment of intellectual enrichment.


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