Narcotics alert, Occhionero: it is necessary to offer young people the tools to overcome forms of recognition

I read from the columns of Primo Piano Molise Prof. Genovese’s common reflections on the unwanted and disturbing phenomenon of drug use by young people and especially by young people in our region. I thank Sergio Genovese for asking this reflection, which allows me to add some information on this topic.
Precisely because I have the problem close to my heart, during my mandate I participated in the investigation into pathological addiction among young people, which the Children and Youth Parliament, in which I am an active member, dealt with. It turned out that among young and very young people the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs is increasingly widespread and in many cases the children are not even aware of the harmful effects of these substances on a psycho-physical level. It is clear that the situation that emerged from the survey is certainly worrying and requires the involvement of institutions, families, schools and various social groups, as Sergio Genovese calls for. It is clear the will of the Third Pole to go in the direction of giving young people all the tools to overcome those forms of social and family discomfort that often lead to the use of psychotropic or alcoholic substances. At the center of our political debate is school education as a moment of cultural growth and sociality. In our election program it is actually to improve the school structures with PNRR funds and to strengthen the third sector, which has fallen as wealth and not as expenses, precisely to create the social health cordon that the young people need. Schools and families are essential to prevent drug use among adolescents and pre-adolescents, but their involvement must be supported by coherent legislative and policy interventions. Let me also emphasize that in the Defense Committee, of which I am group leader, we have dealt with the reform of Paola’s law, which in a certain way goes in the same direction. In fact, we have approved a provision to increase the total personnel, up to a maximum of 10,000 units, of military personnel, to also meet the increased need for control in front of schools, precisely in view of the growing drug use among young people. I remember that the subsequent extensions of the Strade Sicure operation, with an increase in the number of employees provided by the various governments, up to Draghi, were also intended to pay attention to what is right is considered a worrying emergency for social stability. … In conclusion, I am convinced and will work, when I have the honor again to represent our fellow citizens in the Chamber, to try to oversee the structuring of strong interregional networks, which are essential to the goals effectively between to share and facilitate all the operators in the region. the development of synergies from the existing training offer. I will strive to strengthen the cooperation and integration of the skills of the figures in the social field and in the health field for the inclusion in the work of people who use drugs, as well as to develop synergies in the existing training offer and activation , in schools. , by multiprofessional teams of educators and psychologists.
I thank you for the opportunity to discuss such a delicate and urgent issue, and I invite you to vote for the Third Pole, a vote of the head and not of the stomach.

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