Naples, the demonstrations are back in memory of the innocent victims of the Mafia

She will take place Naples on March 20 and 21, 2022, the demonstrations for the XXVII Day of Remembrance and Commitment and Remembrance for the Innocent Victims of Mafia Families and, at the same time, in hundreds of places in Italy, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. In recent years, in fact, “a vast network of associations, schools, social realities has been formed for a major path of change of territories in the name of free – declare of the association founded by don Luigi Ciotti – so much so that the day was officially recognized by the Italian state.

Since then, many initiatives and modes of change have been proposed and implemented: confiscated assets, education and co-responsibility, training camps, accompanying victims and those who have made strong choices to get out of the mafia family context, school and university education are just some of the Points more important than collective commitment. “The mafia, too, has changed its ways, in some cases more covertly, but more invasively and dangerously for our communities and our economy. Therefore, the action against the mafia and corruption is an action that needs to be innovated,” able to read the complexity of the present, to remember the roots of history and to keep an eye on the free future we want to build.

“The pandemic – says Libera – has created further opportunities for profit and social control for the mafia, in an already tested system of collusion, capable of building deep relations with the political and economic world. We are sure that it is a right and duty to truth, which has a fundamental public value for a state that wants to call itself democratic. and Freemasonry “. March 21 is a moment of reflection, study and gathering around the families of the innocent victims of the Mafia families who have suffered great damage.

It is therefore necessary to “build up a common memory, starting with the stories of those who ask for the fundamental and primary right to the truth that belongs to the victim, his family and all of us. Read the names of the victims , writing them carefully is a way for these men and women, boys and girls, to come up with ideas to die for ».


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