Naples, great closure of the Co.Re.Com Campania “Sbulliamoci” project

Tuesday 10 May 2002, 13: 30-15: 30 in the Commune Library “Annalisa Durante” in Forcella (Via Vicaria Vecchia n.23) Completion and presentation of the results of the experimental project “SBULLIAMOCI. For a digital (and sentimental) Education of young cybercriminals “conceived by the cultural association Kolibrì and Procida TV, as part of the communication campaign for the conscious use of the network and the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying phenomena, promoted and funded by co. Re.Com Campania. Speakers at the event: Maria Filippone, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Education of the Municipality of Naples, Pino Perna President of the APS Annalisa Durante, Domenico Falco President of Co.Re.Com Campania, Donatella Trotta President of the Kolibrì Cultural Association, Stefania Colicelli Manager Scholastica by IC Ristori-Durante, Maria Pia Cacace President of AIB Campania, Giuseppina Rubinacci Rapporteur of the Roman Law Library of Federico II University, Maria Luisa Iavarone Educator of Parthenope University and President of the ARTUR Association, Rosario Esposito La Rossascrittore, Editor Bookmaker, Founder of La Scugnizzeria, Vincenzo Del Vecchio, Illustrator, Artist and Designer, Cosetta Zanotti, Writer and Poet, Nino Ferrara Writer, Poet and Illustrator, Cristiano Esposito Director and Screenwriter, Boys of the II D of IC. Refreshments led by Prof. Maddalena Costanza.

In our country, one in two minors is being bullied or cyberbullying: Data deteriorate after pandemic area. Bullying, in all its many forms, is a growing phenomenon that alarms adults and children: in Italy, 72% of young people experience it as the most dangerous social phenomenon. In the most exposed range this is between 12 and 16 years. From this context analysis arises the need for targeted actions such as the prevention campaign promoted by Co.Re.Com Campania, which has chosen to support proposals that are able to provide more effective information among children, through new languages ​​and forms of innovative Commitment. As proposed by the pilot format “Sbulliamoci”, the results of which will be presented on Tuesday 10 May, in the Annalisa Durante Municipal Library, in a meeting / discussion in the presence of representatives of institutions, culture and formations.

From the 30th of March on, the training, with a workshop, will take place with a group of boys from the 7th grade. and their teachers from the IC. Ristori di Naples (Forcella), through a cycle of dialogical meetings, readings and interactive audiovisual workshops with trainers, educators and experts in the world of youth literature, social communication and television and digital production. A journey through various actions that are associated with knowledge – and prevention – of the risks associated with aggressive and deviant behavior (often the result of a lack of empathy towards others) through participatory readings, writing sessions, “targeted” Meetings and production of a place written by the boys, shot and edited.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the social society of audiovisual services ArTu.Rothe APS Annalisa Durante, the Istituto Comprensivo Ristori-Durante of Naples, in collaboration with the Municipality of Naples (Department of Education), Federico II University, Parthenope University, Italian Library Association (AIB), BIBI Children’s Book Store, Naples Pediatric Cultural Association, the ARTUR Association (Responsible Adults for a United Territory against Risk) and the Scugnizzeria di Scampia.

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