Naples, food and music for inclusion: the party with migrants in Ponticelli

African dishes and a typical local dish brought Neapolitans and migrants together in an evening of sharing and celebration. Thus, food brings residents and migrants closer to Ponticelli, a neighborhood in the eastern area of ​​Naples, where we have been working for some time for the inclusion and integration of people who come from different African countries, and beyond escaping from situations. Poverty and special difficulties.

Meet is the name chosen for the evening that the association Italian without borders wanted in which foreign languages, Italian and Neapolitan dialects were mixed. In the courtyard of the school in via Argine – one of the complexes of the 83 Porchiano Bordiga Comprehensive Institute – invited friends and residents to get to know the associative reality that has been operating in East Naples for several years, insisting on the need and beauty of sharing between different cultures. The typical food and music of the countries from which the young migrants come accompanied the party at the end of a year of activity, or the special Italian lessons with migrants hosted in the reception center of Ponticelli and in those of the neighboring districts. Weekly meetings in which volunteers – university students and young people from the area – help foreigners to master the Italian language through games and playful-creative moments. An essential tool for listening, finding work and socializing.

Attiéké, typical African drinks and pasta and potatoes entertained the guests who learned the stories of migrants. The interventions highlighted their concerns, difficulties as well as wishes and aspirations. The daily obstacles of bureaucracy, the happiness of a new job, the pain of a residence permit that has not arrived, the pain of family members miles away. Sensations and moments that young people share, thanks to the special courses of volunteers every Thursday evening, to fight marginalization and loneliness and to sensitize Neapolitans to help, solidarity, friendship between different people and cultures, fears, prejudices and breaking down stereotypes.

“The goal of the association and of the evening is inclusion. Promotion moments that can put people in contact, in relationship, especially the migrants who live in our territory and the Neapolitans “, explained Marzia Calvanese president of the Italian association without borders, which highlights:” The network of solidarity and sharing with other associations. And above all, all this was possible thanks to the work of the school teacher Colomba Punzo, who not only allows us to have a room for Italian language classes, but also a real place of innovation and idea generation to give Ponticelli life. district”.

The initiative was attended by residents of Ponticelli, as well as volunteers and activists from several associations operating in the eastern region of Naples. Among these is that of VeSpe – Verde Speranza, a reality that sees migrants and Neapolitans as protagonists who deal with the care of the urban green in a training and autonomy path that focuses on the person, his needs and aspirations in a Society that wants, and must, make the difference a real wealth.


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