“My success? Thank you also for the solid training at the Technical Institute”. INTERVIEW with lawyer Vescovini defending the citizens of bank fraud

He admits that his professional success today is also rooted in the solid education he received in high school. Letizia Vescovini is 46 years old, and many years ago she was at the “Giuseppe Luosi” Technical Commercial Institute in Mirandola, the city of the Pico family and the 2012 earthquake, which is the tenth anniversary of this year.

Since her law degree, she has lived in Modena, is married, has an eight-year-old daughter and works as a lawyer in a law firm she owns. In her capacity as a lawyer specializing in banking law, she was ranked by Sole 24 among the best law firms of 2021, thanks to the recognition of her clients, particularly regarding disputes against banks that sell diamonds in the bad business. , for which many, around Italy, first see much of the money invested disappear at the request of credit institutions and then a light of justice in the first sentences won by Vescovini, whose signature often appears in articles and in the glimpses of the weekly Plus. , connected every Saturday in the business newspaper.

“School for me – he admits – was important because I bought a method and it allowed me to understand what my inclination was. Falling in love with law and the sense of justice was born in the school, thank you to my teacher, Love reached university.Then I realized I wanted to become a lawyer.

IN THE’ Was it hard to get here?

“Work and commitment, especially for a woman, never end. To follow closely you must always study, especially in an industry liquid, such as banks, where there are daily rates. While there are rules that protect the weaker party, on the other hand, banking lobbies have great means of ensuring that there is a voluntary doctrine when it comes to legal publications that benefit the banks. You work on very slippery and therefore difficult ground. But you still win ”

I’m engaged piit is more strenuous for women. What forIn the?

“Because at least a woman, if she has a family, feels she needs to be there more. When my daughter is sick, I enjoy being with her, but if there’s an act that takes place that day, I leave her with my husband or nanny.You may know that committing to an argument is several hours a day, but you never understand how long it will really take for a solution.And so you sometimes realize that passion is you took and you left other things and when you are a woman, you feel remorse.

IN THE’ what would he like to do in life?

“The passion I have for this job is great, even if at some point you want to do a job that has less time. But this happens to everyone, in the work they do, and you can do the work, too. about which you are passionate and which will overcome the most difficult moments for you.

She says the choice came at school. When did you know what you wanted to do?

“When I was studying law at school, I liked it. The conviction to become a lawyer came at the university, while the infatuation already took place in high school. At university I saw that I liked it and so after graduating I did my forensic practice and when I had to choose between a career as a notary or a career as a lawyer, I chose this path to the idea that I have justice vis-à-vis the weak part. It seemed to me that the profession of lawyer that was closest to me and this idea of ​​justice “.

What advice can be given to a student who plans to pursue this career one day?

“My main advice is specialized. In small businesses, as a generalist lawyer, it is difficult to have the accounts in order at the end of the month. It is not like it used to be, you have to specialize. I therefore recommend good foundations from school on to build all civil law: the same specialties have their basis in civil law. To have a good foundation, it is necessary to study and work on specializations. I see many who specialize in the world of privacy, tax law also opens up roads and also administrative law or that of the European Union.

Let’s go back to school. What role did the school play in its future?

“It was important because I bought a method and it allowed me to understand in a short time what my inclination was. Getting started with a good school foundation is always fundamental, especially in traditional professions. But there are new jobs where the ‘ School does not keep up with the new professions. “

For example?

“I think of the world of start-ups, the world of the Internet, all the new things that rely on ideas rather than preparation. In these cases, school preparation is less relevant. If you find that you practice more and doing beaten work, the foundations are important “.

There is a lot of talk today about alignment, and also about alternating school and work as tools, which above all encourage students to build their own direction. What tools cwere allBeginning of the years 90, when she arrived at the end of high school?

Many do not know it, but “even then there was an alternation between school and work. I was doing an internship at a company in the purchasing department. The experience helped me a lot to understand that this was not my way, it would take little of me. Just like when I was confronted with a job offer from a bank, I refused because I did not want to lose my freedom. There are so many things that have prompted me to exclude employment. You may often regret that you do not have the stability, but I see myself locked in a box, that is, I did not see this thing as an opportunity, but as a kind of cancellation. Also at school, on the occasion of an excursion, we were taken by the teacher to the university to do a course in commercial law with Professor Bione and there I understood that this was my world. We were also taken to the Modena prison to take part in a theatrical performance of the prisoners. In that case too, the school has managed to orient me towards justice, applying justice. ”

The role of social media is now crucial to the success of a professional, a newspaper, a product. Some schools are beginning to focus on the professional use of social media in terms of students’ transversal skills. What do you think, who uses social media to communicate about niche topics on which you have so much success throughout Italy?

“I think social media is the new form of communication and it’s essential to communicate what your skills are so that interested parties can choose you. I think the use of social networks is rather intuitive and maybe it would be more useful time to devote to a solid basic education, which undoubtedly requires more time and the presence of a good teacher.

While we are there, I would like to take this opportunity to ask a question: What does the diamond business consist of?

“It’s still an open business. For a while, the banks had been selling diamonds as an investment in a safe haven asset. Investment that would have guaranteed a good revaluation of the capital and the capital itself. In reality, the stones were 25 percent of what they were. The rest was a series of organizational costs charged by the company, which gave the diamonds to the banks for distribution. Recognized trust of the customer, who believed in offering this opportunity.The customer also did not go to the bank to buy diamonds, if he wanted to buy diamonds, he would go to a jewelry store.In the meantime, by wearing “Pieces that are put on the market have further lost their value due to surplus supply. The customer, who in turn resells the stone to a goldsmith, gets even less. Significant numbers have been lost, even three hundred thousand euros.”

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