Music in school as an inclusion language for pupils and students with BES – MIUR accredited online practical course

MIUR accredits online courses (15 hours) to assist all teachers (from preschool to secondary) in the learning process and the participation of pupils and students with special educational needs through the use of music as a pedagogical intervention tool.

Do Music is one of the most powerful tools for the effective implementation of school inclusion: it is a universal language, capable of putting even distant worlds into communication.

Having music at school allows you to multisensory Approach that it supports the activation of different learning processes: from the sensory-motor response to symbolic and abstract language, along with the full range of cognitive modalities.

L ‘Music lessons In the fundamental to the cognitive, emotional, and motor development of individuals and it can, without a doubt, be a valid support for the intellectual faculties of all students, especially those with specific learning disabilities (SLD) or generalized and non-certified difficulties (BES).

Last but not least, the use of music in school allows you discover your own emotionsdiscover the inner dimension and then develop e to refine their effectiveness.

For these reasons, we have created an e-seminar (practical online course), with the aim Teachers a innovative intervention key and deepen some weird aspects Music school, through practical suggestions, listening suggestions and sharing of audio files containing significant repertoire (Dance, crèche, songs, scores).

There is one accredited online course (15 training hours), are present on the Sofia platform and can therefore also be purchased with the teacher card.

E-Seminar (Practical Online Training Course)


Music education and training as a didactic intervention tool for pupils and students with SEN

By Carmelo Farinella (Pianist, trainer, music teacher with support chair and author of the book “Music at school and specific learning disabilities”)

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What is the e-seminar?

  • The e-seminar is a online practical training courseconsists of 4 lessons available on our web portal dedicated to training.
  • First lesson available from Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • The course is present at the Sofia Platform (Identification code: 69336) and therefore it is possible to pay with the Teacher Map.
  • After activating your personal account on our e-learning platform, you can Access to training content (Handouts, Video Courses, Summary Slides, Between Self-Evaluation Questionnaires) at any time and from any place save a lot of time and money because you get all the training you need right on your PC without missing school.
  • The didactic material remains in your possession forever and he will be able to consult it at the times and in the manner he deems most appropriate.
  • It will be able to check your level of learning with the meanwhile self-assessment questionnaire and in-depth material.
  • At the end of the course you will receive theParticipation certificate (15 training hours).

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Benefits and objectives

  • Fir get concrete indications for musical planning and methodological proposals to stimulate the learning of students with SEN.
  • Understand how to stimulate cognitive, emotional, affective and motor development of your students through the help of musical education.
  • To have available shared audio files for use in the classroom: dances, crèche, songs, scores.
  • Clear explanations, commented examples and comprehensive answers to your questions.

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This is an online course accredited and also purchased with the Teacher’s Card.
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  • 15% Discount when you sign up until Monday, February 14, 2022
  • Additional 10% discount in the case of 2 or more students enrolled in the same school.

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