Municipalities are investing in the future of young people. Between tradition and innovation explained the work of the “smart” farmer in the classroom

Happy Holidays … without losing sight of the future. Going to three different complexes of Chianti, in the last days of school, Elisa Corneli, President of the Chiantiform, gave a special greeting to the students of all third grades of middle school in Val di Pesa, Greve in Chianti and Barberino Tavarnelle directed, accompanied by ” Invitation to take advantage of the free training opportunity offered by Chiantiform, linked to the professions of the territory: agriculture, bio-agriculture, environmental sustainability through new technologies, bioenergy and digital innovation in the sector.

The course aims to convey the secrets of trade by alternating traditional methods with interactive and digital tools and techniques such as precision agriculture, the use of drones in the fields, the application of sensors along the rows, meteorological stations and the use of specific targeted apps for verifying winemaking processes through virtual analytics labs, in addition to the real ones.

The tour of the schools, organized together with the Counselors for Education and Training Policy Marina Baretta (Barberino Tavarnelle), Maria Grazia Esposito (Count in Chianti), Elisabetta Masti (San Casciano in Val di Pesa) and Maura Masini (San Casciano in Val di ) Pesa)), in collaboration with the respective school principals, consisted of the description of the new three-year professionalization course for agricultural operators from September 2022, accompanied by the dissemination of information brochures and the delivery of sachets with seeds. The initiative, which was first set up in schools, set itself the objective, the objectives and the content of the course Agr.I.For.Chianti 4.0 Vocational education and training to communicate extensively, and with the Participation of the direct recipients, managed by the Chiantiform ETS Training Agency, open for the third edition.

“It was a useful opportunity to talk to the students in the classroom,” commented Elisa Corneli. in the field, students asked for further information and listened carefully, attracted by the teaching methods of the course, which combines the teaching of traditional subjects with a practical way in the field with 800 hours of internships and outdoor activities “.

The school, which shapes the farmers of the future, is preparing to launch a new class, in which girls and boys between 14 and 18 years will participate. The course, funded by the Tuscany region through ministerial funds under Giovani Sì for a total amount of 270 thousand euros, consists of 3168 hours in total. Theoretical lessons alternate with lab with 800 hours of internship and local companies. Promoted and organized by Chiantiform and the four communes that make up the training agency (Barberino Tavarnelle, Greve in Chianti, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Bagno and Ripoli), the course has a plus value because it fulfills the instructions .

“The success of the proposal, which we were able to share with the students, is supported by the numbers – explains the councilors – 90 percent of those enrolled at the end of their training, supported by a team of teachers, Experts and tutors, who have found work in local businesses, give young people the opportunity to acquire specific skills in a sector that complains about the lack of professional figures in the agricultural field, the course gives a concrete answer, because on the one hand d “Creating conditions to achieve supply. In demand by others, due to the social function of the project, takes a decisive action to combat early school leaving, a phenomenon present in Tuscany”. The Chiantiform tour in schools continues in September with a new stop at the middle school in Bagno and Ripoli. Registration for the Agr.I.For.Chianti 4.0 course is open.

Info and registration: Chiantiform seat, via Roma, San Casciano Val di Pesa, cell. 349 3371547, Email:


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