Multiclasses and cuts, Marcucci (Pd) asks the education minister

Multi-classes and organic cuts. After the Ministry of Education has adopted the new criteria, which will also reduce the number of classes in ten schools in the province of Lucca, in particular in Garfagnana and Valle del Serchio, this is the case of the primary school. School in Valdottavo – Democratic Party Senator Andrea Marcucci has decided to put a question to Minister Patrizio Bianchi to ask what initiatives it intends to take, “to prevent” this from happening primarily in the internal and peripheral areas of the country.

“The rules for the reorganization of the school network and the rational and effective use of the human resources of the school, provide for provisions on the definition of staff and the training of classes in schools and institutions of all levels – read The document – in particular Article 2, Section 2, provides that the total staff remuneration is defined annually at both national and regional level, taking into account the legal structures, curricula and hourly rates established by the regulations in force. provided, based on certain criteria, which include demographic, geomorphological and socio-economic aspects, the articulation of the educational offer, the distribution of pupils into classes and complexes and the characteristics of school buildings. Further provisions identify the maximum number and minimum number of students per class, with the exception of the sections that welcome students with disabilities. and for schools operating on small islands, in mountainous communities, in areas inhabited by linguistic minorities, in areas at risk of youth deviation or characterized by the significant presence of pupils with special learning and school difficulties “.

“The trend of the demographic situation, which, according to Istat data updated to 2021, shows a decline of 0.4 percent of the population in Italy and a 1.3 percent decline in births in 2021 compared to the previous year in all geographical areas, is consequently the progressive reduction of the number of classes formed under this legislation – the document continues -. The critical issues arising from the reduction of classes, present throughout the national territory, are evidently manifested in the mountainous territories and in the internal which there is the risk of eliminating the fundamental points of reference from a social point of view and increasing the distance between the more peripheral centers and essential services, while the criticisms arising from the demographic decline are gradually taking place in the context surround. urban areas – in which there are increasing difficulties in class formation – and especially in cities where, before the reduction in the number of authorized classes, the recourse to the formation of overcrowded classes increases ”.

“In response to a question put to the Chamber, Minister Bianchi at the sitting of 22 September 2021 reaffirmed the need, address the issue of the relationship between students and teachers in a structural wayfrom the reforms in the Pnrr, which in mission 4 provides for the reduction of the number of pupils per class and the dimension of the school network, in order to “overcome the identity between demographic class and classroom, also to revise the school model. “, Which makes it possible to deal with complex situations under many profiles, for example school problems in mountain areas, inland and in valley schools – the text continues -. The law of 30 December 2021, n. 234 also provides that, to encourage the effective use of the right to education also by disadvantaged persons who are placed in classes with a number closer to or more than the limits laid down by the current authorized by the Ministry of Education to set up classes in the derogation of the envisaged size in schools characterized by social, economic and cultural status indices and early school leaving indices identified with a specific inter-ministerial decree and within the limits of instrumental and financial resources in the school staff are under current legislation ”.

“According to the data presented in the tables issued by Ministerial Decree No. 90 of 11 April 2022 of the Ministry of Education, which defined the teaching staff for the school year 2022-2023, despite the need for an increase in staff of teachers, also through the introduction of science education in primary schools, according to Article 1, section 329, of the Budget Law 2022, the number and territorial distribution of places for teachers around those of last year – the precondition goes on – .The consequence of the criticized reviews is the concrete risk ofImpossibility of having effective and inclusive education throughout the national territory“.

Senator Marcucci therefore asks to know “what urgent initiatives the Minister intends to take to avoid the persistent reduction in the number of classes in the internal and peripheral areas of the country by structurally focusing on the size and number of the Classes intervene. As required by Pnrr, thus ensuring that “balance” is necessary to enable an adequate response to the needs of the most disadvantaged territories “.

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