Multi-classes and cuts to teachers, the region moves

Multi-classes and cuts in staff of teachers, the region movesunanimously approved in the Board of Trustees a motion proposed by Councilor Mario Puppa, regarding the criticisms of the legal staff of the schools also in relation to the recent introduction of the competition class of motor education.

The City Council invites the Regional Council to “act against the governmentto participate in the regional school office and to address the issue at the regional conference as well, to avoid a reduction of the authorized classes on peripheral and internal areas and the consistent recourse to overcrowded classes in the largest centers of the regional territory, evaluate, for this purpose, an update of the criteria and parameters for the formation of the classes and for the task of the teachers, referred to in Presidential Decree 81 / becomes. 2009 in consideration of the need to maintain an adequate staff, also in the light of the introduction of motor and sports science education in the primary school and the possible creation of further competition classes “.

“The recent introduction of the Engine reduction competition class – Puppa explains – he adds a new critique of the already delicate situation of the school system in mountainous areas and inland, where there is a risk of eliminating the fundamental points of reference from a social point of view and increasing the distance between the more peripheral centers and essential services. The real risk of class reduction and unification vis-à-vis most populous centers exists and among other things invalidates many of the efforts we make., also as a region, to combat the depopulation of mountains in internal municipalities. I therefore believe that it is right to take swift action against the government to demand that the issue be resolved. “

“The demographic decline – further Puppa – that internally and peripherally concerned and which has implications for the enrollment of students in the various levels of education may not, in mathematical terms, have an impact on the number of authorized classes. It is unacceptable. In the province of Lucca, for example, five sections are less authorized for primary school than in the previous year (303 compared to 308 in the school year 2021/2022), while for the high school until 206 there was a decrease in enrollment. Units with a consequent reduction in the number of authorized first school years (160 in the school year 2021/2022 and 147 in the school year 2022/2023). In Tuscany, although by the distribution of 38,295 common places the same numbers of the previous school year were formally obtained, there are some critical ones due to the fact that the availability that would result from the introduction of the new competition class of motor education must be derived from these places. New competition class, launched already in the primary school for the fifth grade, and which from the school year 2022-2023 will cover a total of 139 places on a regional basis. I therefore believe that we need to intervene quickly, in line with the choices that have been made in recent years, in which the institutions are investing enormous resources precisely to make schools more modern and safer. “Schools which, if not accompanied by exceptional measures to guarantee adequate staff pay, – concludes Puppa – risk remaining empty”.

“The motion is well done, well thought out, it raises the question practically – he observes Councilor Vittorio Fantozzi (Brothers of Italy), announced the favorable vote of his group -. School is an indispensable cornerstone. The region has invested well over the last 10 years, well-financed the renovation or consolidation of the school complexes. Education also serves to enhance the quality of education. I hope the issue can also be explored in the Internal Affairs Committee. “

Souguer de Conseiller Luciana Bartolini (League), the vice-president of the culture commission wants to “thank the deputies of the motion. I’m part of the Internal Affairs Commission. The problems are there, these things make people leave. Suppressing schools is not good, you need a little more common sense “.

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