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Appreciate diversity and tackle the education gap and poverty by offering all children opportunities and possibilities: this is the educational mission of the school; to do this, it is necessary to start from kindergarten, which must guarantee quality pedagogical experience for all. Fundamental is the dialogue between school and family, which must help the child together to combine different things and structure his identity, which consists of a multitude of cultural references.

In order to create an intercultural pedagogy, it is necessary to reinforce the respective cultures and to recognize the differences and it is therefore important to involve foreign families by making them protagonists of the school experience of their children. The educators of the Cesare Costa crèche in Modena, managed by the Cresci @ mo Foundation, which has a very diverse audience, are very conscious.

Due to the large number of mothers of foreign origin who go to school and speak little Italian, the pedagogical coordinators of the foundation have considered a basic course in Italy.

This training opportunity – explains the Cresci @ mo Foundation’s educational advisor Patrizia Belloi, the referring educator of the Costa Arianna Ferrillo School – allows mothers to return to a central role in the school-family relationship, but also to equip them with the language tools to ‘Enter the world of work and create a social network for their own well-being and for children. is limited.

The training proposal was shared with the teachers, who greeted them enthusiastically and then shared it with the parents of all the children in the section meetings and in individual interviews, finally collecting the names of the mothers who were interested in their needs. have got.

At the same time, the memo education center of the municipality of Modena and the Association Casa delle donne against violence odv, whose autonomy project “Semira Adamu” is part of the Modena Intercultural City table, contacted two retired volunteer teachers, Silvia Macchioro and Chiara Caglieri. offered to hold the course, which began last week, until June two afternoons a week.

Since last year, the Cresci @ mo Foundation, through the activation of a pedagogical counseling supported by several educators, has activated several projects in the development of the Modenazerosei Costruire Futuro project. One of these is the Cesare Costa Educational Continuity Project designed for childhood and started from a complete immersion in relationships with children and families going to school to enable new teachers to understand their needs. We then moved into the training phase on bilingualism aimed at children, improving the use of the mother tongue at home and at the same time enabling visual learning actions in the school to support learning Italian through pictures for routine, labels and notices in multiples Languages, the inclusion of different cultural elements in everyday practices.

Together with the teachers and the Center éducatif Memo, plans are also being made to activate a cultural mediation desk with an Arabic-speaking operator, to create connections with the mothers to create the pedagogical alliance that can favor the inclusion of children. At the same time, the training of staff in the urban outdoor area was carried out to work on meeting places and opportunities, parks and services that allow children to learn the city from an early age, reduce the isolation of certain families and to inform. the more fragile about extracurricular educational opportunities.

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