More places at the Sanvitale Lycée in Parma: Inauguration of the new building with six classrooms and Aula Magna

The province of Parma completed the expansion and adaptation of the Albertina Sanvitale High School of Human Sciences in Parma, in the Piazzale San Sepolcro 3, where a new building was built in the existing courtyard, including six new classrooms (two per floor ) in addition. and the main room in the basement.

In total, the intervention by the reorganization of the laboratories made it possible to enlarge the school complex by 8 classrooms, bringing the number of classrooms to 36.

In addition, various adaptation interventions were carried out on the existing building. The total amount of the intervention is two million euros, funded by the Emilia-Romagna region with FSC funds.

The new building is about 14 meters high as it stands. It consists of three floors above ground, each floor having two classrooms located in the main hall in the basement; the surface of the individual classrooms is about 57 square meters and the hall of 120 square meters, for a total area of ​​670 square meters.


In addition, in the existing school building, adaptation and modification interventions were carried out through the introduction of a second emergency staircase, the refurbishment of the existing toilets (teachers and students) and the creation of services for the disabled on each floor, the adaptation of the thermal. the power plant, the improvement of the passage rooms, the restoration of the outer plaster and facade paintings, the replacement of the windows of the main staircase, of the internal windows and of the illuminated bodies.

And then interventions to overcome the architectural barriers by building a ramp to reach the main entrance towards Piazzale San Sepolcro and adding a new lift to the existing one.

Architect Gianluca Mora architectural design and construction management, structural design by engineer Giuseppe Stefanini, plant design by Cobe Studio, Allodi contractor and procedure manager, engineer Paola Cassinelli, responsible for school buildings in the province.


The new structure was officially inaugurated this morning by the president of the province Andrea Massari, with the delegate for Scholastic Buildings Alessandro Tassi Carboni, and by the regional councilor at the school Paola Salomoni, presenting the head teacher of the Sanvitale Andrea Grossi, the mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti and the other top city authorities, as well as former provincial administrators Diego Rossi and Aldo Spina, respectively former president and former delegate for school construction, company manager and engineer Paola Cassinelli in charge of the provincial school building unit.

“The province has received significant funding from the region for school construction and others are coming with the NRP,” he said. Andrea Massari – our goal is to achieve stability in all the places that are necessary for our school system, an ambitious goal, because we still expect a growth of 10% of our students over the next 10 years. I thank those who were before us, President Diego Rossi and school delegate Aldo Spina, who laid the foundations for this achievement. And the offices of the province and the company that completed it in a very short time.

“Emilia-Romagna is investing convincingly in school construction,” said the school’s regional councilor Paola Salomoni In the last six years, almost a thousand interventions have been carried out across the region, and thanks to the NRR we are ready to spend a further 83 million euros together with the local authorities, of which 6.5 in Parma and its province where five new construction sites will be built. to start. At the heart of all our projects is the future of our boys and girls, which expands the strategic role of education with welcoming, safe and innovative structures. In these schools of the future – including Salomoni – we present them together with the citizens, thanks to the ‘Space for Education’ participation path, to which almost a thousand Emilia-Romagna have joined “.


“A non-formal thank you to the province, to the architectural designer Mora and to the Allodi company with whom we shared the goal and the daily solution of the problems that the building site poses in the building – says the school director of Sanvitale Andrea Grossi -. These new large, sustainable and welcoming classrooms, with new interactive monitors thanks to ministerial funding, for a teaching that is constantly being rebuilt and redesigned, are an important signal from a school that has not missed the time of the pandemic emergency. from Integrated Digital Education to experimenting and being more mindful of students’ needs. They are also a signal that is not taken for granted today by what we want to be: to build schools, while at the moment schools are being bombed elsewhere.

“We are soon involved in many other interventions to improve our school heritage, to make school and training spaces for students and teachers more and more enjoyable,” said the director of school construction. Alessandro Tassi Carboni – with the classrooms published by Sanvítale, we will respond to the needs of other institutions.



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