“More opportunities for the future of young people”

“Today we are experiencing another day of fire and pride for this territory, which has the honor and privilege of hosting this educational institution, which has always been at the forefront of didactic and innovative proposals. The institutions and the University of the Mediterranean itself, with the Rector Zimbone, whom I thank for the constant presence in urban and metropolitan matter, in the context of the many joint initiatives that are significant to us as protagonists “. This is what the acting mayor of the metropolis, Carmelo Versace, said during the inauguration ceremony of the new Extreme Energy Event Laboratory of the scientific high school Alessandro Voltadi Reggio Calabria. DEN

The project was explained during the event, born from an idea of ​​prof. Zichichi, is part of a network of cosmic ray telescopes installed in some high schools, which are uniformly distributed across the country. The schools participating in this ambitious project are over 100. The activities are coordinated by researchers from the Historical Museum of Physics and the Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center in Rome, assisted by those of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, by CERN to Geneva. and from Italian universities. The Ettore Majorana Foundation and the Erice Scientific Cultural Center and the Ministry of Public Education are also involved in the project.

Here at Volta Lycée – including Versace – we are planting another small but very important sum for the future of our children and for their education. Labor market needs to be oriented.A convincing applause to the schoolteacher, Maria Rosa Monterosso, for the ingenious work she is carrying out through many new initiatives and benefiting most of the paths that the manager Palazzolo has previously begun.If we Speaking of orientation, the key word must be awareness of what the territory has to offer. stay and establish yourself here in the professional and professional environment.In this direction, the metropolitan city – completed Versace – invests a lot in culture and education, and the awareness that t is necessary to start anew from these areas to make this territory attractive. A commitment that gets even more connotation in the year that the Riace Bronze takes place and that also schools, such as the Volta Institute, fully participate in the promotion processes, in the cultural field that our institution, and Concert with the others. local institutions, it continues “.


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