Monopoli, the Biblio 2.0 project with the Arcobaleno Center and ARCI for the cataloging of book heritage in high school

The meetings for the project continue at the “Galileo Galilei – Marie Curie” high school in Monopoli BIBLE 2.0 who want to create one Business Simulated training of the students involved in the PCTO to computerize our school library and provide book and loan management services and event organization.

The operators of the Arcobaleno Center and the experts of the ARCI section of Monopoli also participate as experts in the project.

The project counts for To acquire skills in research and the use of information to build knowledge (literacy in the field of Information literacy); train students in the cataloging of texts in the school library, their digitization, the management of loans and the organization of cultural events; to open the high school library for the cultural and social life of the territory in collaboration with the local authorities (Commune Library Rendella) and associations; consolidate the collaboration with the municipality of Monopoli and start a collaboration with the University of Bari, entities that provide the school with counseling, training opportunities, opportunities for cultural enthusiasm.

The project aims to implement the computerized cataloging of texts. For this the project must include a pre-training course, which will provide teachers and students with the basic tools and knowledge of the library needed to proceed with the cataloging of texts; thematic and alphabetical reorganization of pre-existing books, cataloging of books recently purchased by the high school; Digitization of the texts of the Antique Fund and post them online through the school website with advice and download of the created pdfs.

The library is therefore considered as a place to develop reading spaces and to compare readers with the bauen a Specific blog on the school’s website, for the exchange of opinions on the texts read, their comments, their evaluation with the production of e-books, the subscription to a library for digital loans e.g. MLOL School at the Involvement of high school classes who, with the help of online discussion areas about books found in the school’s physical library or digital school library, organize discussion moments and meetings with authors and attendance at exhibitions.

The activity of the library is given by the students of the 3 or, 4or an 5or Year of all addresses, by the establishment of a Simulated Training Enterprise (IFS) offering the school library specialized and qualified cultural services, such as cataloging, periodic opening hours management, lending and advisory services in the selection of books and the organization of events, meetings and exhibitions.

They are also involved in the project Children with cognitive difficulties and with socio-environmental problems and in particular, Students with special needs Certificates such as BES and DVA. These students can, with the constant guidance of their teachers or, if possible, classmates, carry out all the activities described above, with a view to acquiring an increase in operational autonomy and a good job satisfaction. can help increase their self-esteem, even with a view to a future job.

The school library thus, there is a place to prevent early exit, for the recovery of pupils and difficulties, for the promotion of reading, for the opening of the cultural horizon and for multicultural integration.

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