Monitoring of PISU funds – Polistena’s ITIS students meet San Ferdinando Mayor

Can the dream of the port city still come true? Can you imagine another future for San Ferdinando with European funds? Andrea tripodi, Mayor of San Ferdinando, tries to answer these and other questions, interviewed by the students of ITIS “Conte Milano” of Polistena. As part of a very ambitious and large-scale project to monitor EU funds, the young people stopped at San Ferdinand City Hall. The school, under the direction of Francesco Mileto, is without a doubt one of the “European” in the region, and completes the course of “A scuola di Opencoesione”. A project that has already drawn attention to ITIS in Brussels in recent years, and which this year is being analyzed by the Center d’accueil de séance in San Ferdinando, a work that involves the PISU funds about 8 million euros. The group of students who chose the name Ondafutura, coordinated by teacher Domenico Mammola, met with Mayor Tripodi and the manager of the technical office Ferdinando Laruffa. The young people asked for information about the process of building the work, about the deficits, about the responsibility for not being fully operational and discussed with the mayor about future prospects.
Tripodi, for its part, did not escape the debate, declaring that “the responsibility for the lack of impact of the PISU funds on the city and the area is many and widespread at various levels. No one feels liberated. As for the reception, the project was eventually destroyed by non-conformity, which has now led to a dispute with the company in charge of the work. ”Even with great realism, the mayor did not hide that“ the dream of the City of the port must and can survive, but it is necessary that the three municipalities from the area are not only united by the sum of the solitudes. It must be a common process, a vision for the future. Politics, institutions, civil society, schools. ”As for the future of reception, which is good to remember, a job that is already in place, even if not finished, the young people have made their proposals, and received by Ingeni eur Laruffa tells the painful story of the trial. “Thanks to the frank and proactive debate with the Calabria region – assures the technician – we have achieved important changes that will allow us to give concrete meaning to the work.” The center will organize the Carabinieri barracks, as desired by the mayor. “Can this also be a sign of hope in the fight against crime – reproduces Tripodi – we will put a garrison of legality also symbolically close to the town hall in the center of the city.” The Undafutura team has taken note of the administration’s narrative, and will now prepare an extensive monitoring and proposal work that will be the focus of two initiatives at the Polistenese school. “We will have in our institute – the main Mileto and Professor Mammola predicted – once again the Calabria region, Istat and the EDIC of the European Commission, together with these partners in the municipality of San Ferdinando we will have community funds and participation of discussing.our students in reality.The real miracle of schooling is this: to give these citizens of today craft tools so that they can start working today and not just the hopes of tomorrow.

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