Mission Monaco, to bring “quality of life” in the spirit of Christ

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The goal of the International Catholic Mission Agency MissionIt’s complex and ambitious. It not only wants to improve the material living conditions of the continents in which it operates (Africa, Asia and Oceania), but it wants to do so while at the same time conveying the same sense of ‘quality of life’ that Christ in the Gospel.

None better than the President of Mission Monaco (aus Bayern, ed), Monsignor Wolfgang Hubercan explain to the reader of Acistampa how this happens in practice, in the day-to-day work of the organization.

Monsignor Huber, how would you define your task and Mission?

“As President of Mission Monacomy most important task is to achieve a “quality of life” in the spirit of Jesus Christ, for the people here (in Germany, in Europe, ed) and in the countries where we work, Africa, Asia and Oceania. All this through an authentic witness of the faith. This means offering people the opportunity to discover the joy and comforting power of the gospel for themselves and to bring this into their respective social context in order to shape a better future.

Mission is an “International Catholic Missionary Agency”. Explain the three words that characterize it Mission.

INTERNATIONAL – Summarize in a few words what it does Mission in the world?

“As an International Agency for Catholic Missions in Bavaria and in the Diocese of Speyer, we strengthen the work of local churches in Africa, Asia and Oceania together with our project partners – pores, religious congregations and diocese. In this way, thanks to our donors, the quality of life on site can be improved. This is happening now in 56 countries thanks to almost 800 projects. On the other hand, we can do to the people here something of the power of faith and the reality of life that exists on these continents. We do this through meetings, educational events or reports in our magazine Mission (www.missiomagazin.de) and on our homepage (www.missio.com), where a lively exchange takes place. “

CATHOLIC – To what extent does the gospel or teaching of the Catholic Church inspire the actions of Mission?

Mission Monaco it has been performing its duties here within the framework of the papal missionary societies since 1922. But since our founding in 1838, we have been on the road with and for the global community of believers of the Catholic Church ”.

MISSION – How would you define the charisma of Mission? What sets this humanitarian organization apart from the others?

Mission Monaco tries to witness the message of Jesus Christ through authentic action in all areas of life. Just as He met people and shared life with them without looking at their origin, status or religion, we want to do the same today. Our solidarity action comes from the call To follow Jesus Christ as we are shown in the gospel. It is the basis of our actions and our testimony. “

Assuming that the Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on the work of Mission in the world, how did you respond to this further challenge?

“We have one Corona Relief Fund (“Corona Relief Fund”) for a total of 500,000 euros. In doing so, we have continuously provided support to our partners in Africa, Asia and Oceania to prevent and combat the consequences of the pandemic. It was important for us to consciously give a sign of solidarity. Mission Monaco for decades, it has supported health centers in the countries of its projects, funded the training of nursing staff, and subsidized the construction of hospitals. The “Corona Relief Fund” aims to put project partners in a position to help people in these times of crisis.

Very briefly present a project that you think summarizes the work of Mission in the year 2021?

“I would definitely talk about the project”Claire Amitie“in Thiès, Senegal. Last year, Senegal was our reference country for World Mission Month.” Claire Amitié “is a training center for young women from difficult family backgrounds who have never been to school or had to leave school. Families are desperately poor. Educational opportunities are offered. They receive a comprehensive pedagogical and vocational training that enables them to move on.

On which projects he focuses most Mission in the year 2022?

In this year’s World Mission Month ‘, we are particularly looking forward to the Kenya. With the example of the East African country, we want to show how migration and urbanization in Africa pose new challenges for the local church. Initiatives and projects of the Church in Kenya that respond to these transformation processes are presented. They enable people to get what they need themselves by using individual and community resources.

When you think about your work, what are you most proud of?

“I am particularly proud of the fact that, together with the staff of Mission, in close collaboration with our project partners, we can really help people where it is needed most. Through our work, we try to improve the quality of life of the people. “

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