Minghetti High School also occupies Bologna: “Stop alternating between school and work”

From Davide Landi to Mattia Cecchini

BOLOGNA – “We are students exhausted from this training model, This is why we believe that the school needs a revolution, and today it is the students of the historic high school in the center of Bologna who are repeating this. Speaking are the students of Minghetti High School in Bologna who occupied the institute this morning. An action claimed by the collective Minghetti and Osawho held a plenary session in court and then began the occupation.

The Minghetti High School in Bologna stays busy until Saturday, so with suspended lessons. And tomorrow afternoon the teacher, Vincenzo Manganaro, will meet the students’ families online, as announced on the Institute’s website, to provide any clarification. “We rely on the widest possible participation,” the notice said.

“After almost ten years in which there was no work in Bologna – Osa writes in a post on Instagram – we are now in our fourth place within two months”, asking for “the abolition of school-work alternation and resignation which “Bianchi, after the death of Giuseppe, still a state crime in the hands of a government that pursues a school model based on work and exploitation with the sword”.


The desire to occupy the Minghetti of Bologna arose about a month ago in a collective in the schoolyard. And today it takes shape with a vote always in the courtyard: “This morning, we, students, conscious of our responsibility, gathered in the courtyard of the seat to discuss together.”

On the plate also the counter-proposal of the teacher of self-government. But after the debate, “an overwhelming majority” decided to occupy “because of the commitment in the organization and the desire to carry out a decisive protest act”. However, the students of the classical high school say in the first of their communications, with which they promise to update every day about employment (“Competently self-organized, without the intervention of external associations or collectives like Osa and Uds”): despite the “No” to self-government, “we want to clarify that our initiative is not intended to criticize the shortcomings of our school, but to show inconvenience to the Italian school system“.

It is not one of the reasons for dissatisfaction second test of the tire. But there is one six page document with the reasons for dissatisfaction: Consequences of the pandemic, school and didactic environment, space … We talk about the role of the teacher, about sex education, civil war, Pnrr.

The Incipit reads: “We, students of Minghetti High School in Italy, neglected by the institutions and lack a political representation sensitive to our needs, that is to say, considering our personal and school education as a priority, we have decided not only to respond on behalf of “our school, well regarded locally, but also to get to the cry of unrest coming from the other Italian schools, among which we are not deservedly privileged by our occupation.”

Minghetti students write: “The consequences of a health emergency have made us awareInability of educational institutions to put our psycho-physical well-being first. The management of the pandemic has revealed the weaknesses of this system, which was already behind and far removed from those who should be protecting us. The management of the school during the emergency, with the continuous and excessive use of distance learning, left us when we needed the most support, so that we felt alienated from our own world. “The father” exacerbated the inequalities “and as far as learning is concerned,” the school has shown statically, offering the usual frontal lesson, this time online, “while” our lives “are” very excited by the new reality. ”

And the father’s second year would not benefit from the limitations of the first. “On our return to class, we found ourselves witnessing an alienated and alienating situation in which the social component was completely canceled. and the “school” we attend has been reduced to mere learning and evaluation“Where learning comes from after grade anxiety” creates a strong mismatch between current skills and knowledge and those needed. “Going to school without prior learning is the saddest thing that can happen.”

In addition, the school environment “is often unhealthy” is not “a space for personal growth” but it shines like “punished and not very stimulating system. Everything we learn through extracurricular activities is by no means recognized. ”Instead, there is“ anxiety and stress “due to the weight” of the evaluation and the resulting competitiveness. Panic attacks and dissatisfaction are unfortunately on the order of the day at school, where instead there should be a desire to learn peace ”.

The school should be “less selective and more inclusive,” Minghetti students said Learning “remains rooted in a traditional model of content transfer. In this way, it lacks its main purpose: to build the conscience and personality of the adults of tomorrow.

The teacher figure “is often devalued and flattened by a stagnant school system; this is reflected in the freedom of education, often conditioned by respect inadequate ministerial programs. All of this contributes to making the school environment, and with it our daily lives, stressful and anxious. ” The document also mentions overcrowded classrooms, “non-compliant spaces, dated and sometimes not fully utilized”.

On the subject of Sex education we read: “The school must present an alternative and emancipatory model of education in respect of the patriarchal cultural heritage in which we are all sheltered” but it is limited to “prevention” and “a strictly heteronormative vision”. L ‘civic educationand instead would have stayed on paper. Finally youSchool-work diversion reduced, for the high school, to “education projects for their own good and not inherently to the way of schooling” but with “evaluation, i.e. a stress, more.
It often leads to onedisappointing experience with respect to his prerogatives “.

For Minghetti students, the school should “educate and train students with awareness and critical thinking skills, and not direct, or even give up, on a future with a predetermined role.” And the change, as it stands now, “lacks inconsistency and inadequacy” and it is “unacceptable that a boy could die in a professionalized experience at the expense of school”: “what exploits, harms and kills” is not didactic.

The Minghetti High School in Bologna remains occupied until Saturday, so with suspended lessons. And tomorrow afternoon, the teacher, Vincenzo Manganaro, will meet the families of Liceo Minghetti’s students online, as announced on the Institute’s website, to provide any explanations. “We rely on the widest possible participation,” the notice said


Not all the diversion of school work is ‘to throw’: the Bolognese parliamentarian of the Democratic Party is convinced Serse Soverini who, before the occupation of the Minghetti High School in Bologna, offered the students a meeting to talk about it. It saves what can be saved ‘. The diversion of school work targeted by the Minghetti initiative is “crucial and very important,” the MP replied, “the relationship between school and business must exist and the diversion must be well done. So , first eliminates neglected experiences, with students left to be on guard duty in museums or busy with faxes, which discourages people from living concrete experiences “outside the classroom.” to raise their voices after seeing their colleagues lose their lives in the context of internships (“It is the right to give evidence of this tragedy”), but “the right to jurisdiction must also be guaranteed”, he adds in addition.

And here is his proposal: a three-party coalition meeting with Soverini himself, the students of Minghetti and those of the technical institutions. Alternating school work “needs to be redesigned because it is very important”, especially for technical schools, and Soverini would like a kind of student policy ‘pact’ to come face to face with ‘what to do’ can save. of this instrument and relaunch it, especially in the field of technical culture. “Not everyone can enroll in a classical high school, there are families who send their children to technical institutions and have the right to hope that they see competently with job prospects, and thus reap the fruits of their efforts. They have d “The right to have competent children” and the school-work alternative serve that, Soverini insists. So the meeting with students in Bologna, proposed by Soverini and speaking with ‘Dire’, can serve to focus on “the values ​​of school-work diversion” by overcoming the logic of “only student antagonism” that demands it to stop in the cancellation Tout court, and create “a positive pact for the country even in memory of the students who lost their lives” in the internships. “Let us meet and assert the right to security, dignity but also to competence. I am launching this appeal, a very modest proposal, stating that I do not want any political speculation” on the initiative that started at Minghetti “. but spread this occupation and “give it meaning. Let us meet and discuss.”

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