Milleproroghe Decree 2022, Definitely OK in Senate: News of Transformation into Law

On February 24, the Senate gave final approval to the bill for the conversion of Milleproroghe Decree, the decree-law with “Urgent provisions on legislative deadline”, which extends to 2022 various deadlines originally set for the end of last year. The Chamber had already confirmed the trust, so the decree closed the process of implementation into law.

Indeed, there are various provisions in the bill regarding recruitment in the public administration, but the deadline for returning to the service of retired doctors to combat the pandemic has also been extended until 31 March 2022. Many of the terms amended by the decree are in fact a direct consequence of the Extension of the state of emergency of March 31, 2022.

The term of office of the Chiefs of Defense will be extended, and the term of office of the public administration and of public competitions in the Ministry will be extended. With the conversion into law came other innovations, such as Psychologist Bonus and the 2022 increase in the cash cap.

So let’s see all the conditions that are affected by the Milleproroghe 2022 decree and the news of the conversion into law.

Green light for the budget law 2022: Irpef, superbonus, bills, pensions. The definitive measures

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Hire at the PA

Public administrations have planned more time for recruitment for 2021: the deadline of 31 December 2021 has actually been extended to December 31, 2022. To this date, it is possible to continue recruiting based on the resources already allocated.

The term also covers recruitments in the security defense sector, in the public rescue sector and in the National Fire Brigade. Extensions also for the recruitment of staff of the prefectural career and at administrative and non-management level of the civil administration of the interior.

For competitions announced or by indirectly for access to the roles and qualifications of the Army, Police Forces, National Fire Brigade, staff of the Penitentiary Administration and the Youth and External Penitentiary straight, the deadline shifted instead March 31, 2022.

The funds dedicated to the recruitment faculties of the Ministry of Economic Development will be increased, extending recruitment until 2024.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Competition for Religious Professors

There will also be more time for contests for 5116 Catholic religion teachers authorized by the Dpcm, published in the Official Gazette of September 28, 2021 and expected until the end of 2021. Even in this case, the extension will be one year and it gives time until the end of 2022 for recruitment.

Contests 5116 Catholic Religion Teachers: Procedure Authorized

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Trials and Justice

The civil and criminal proceedings will take place after all the precautionary measures that were activated during the pandemic until 31 December 2022. Until 31 March 2022, there is a possibility for the remote control of the Tax processes.

Until the end of the year, prison managers can also perform the functions of the Director of External Criminal Execution and the Director of Criminal Institutions for Minors.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Health

As far as the healthcare sector is concerned, it is opening up for the first time March 31, 2022 the ability to assign tasks retired health professionalsalso of coordinated and continuous collaboration.

Qualified medical and surgical graduates enrolled in a course of general medicine may compete until 31 December 2022 for the positions covered in the agreement with the National Health Service. These can also take over. provisional or replacement duties for general practitioners Until the end of the year, this option will also be applicable to doctors enrolled in the specialization courses in pediatrics to replace taking over positions for freely chosen pediatricians.

The exceptions to the AIFA Hiring Block will also be extended, which will be able to renew until June 30, 2022, the coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts and flexible work contracts until December 31, 2021.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: State Exam

The emergency provisions active so far for State examination to qualify for the exercise of Professions and professional and curricular internships (dentist, pharmacist, veterinarian, food technologist, chartered accountant and accounting expert, and the additional tests to perform the qualification of the statutory audit) are extended until 31 March 2022. The same provisions apply in addition to the Occupations of diploma agrotechnical and agrotechnical technician, graduate survey and survey, diploma agricultural expert and diploma agricultural expert, industrial expert and diploma industrial expert.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Tourism and Spa Bonus

Article 12 of the Milleproroghe Decree states that “The spa may, at the expense of the respective bills, request a refund of the voucher used by the user no later than 120 days after the end of the provision of the spa services.. “

It is extended until June 30, 2022 the validity of the Insurance policy provided by foreign nationals on holiday in Italy for reimbursement of medical expenses in case of contagion of Covid-19.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Psychologist Bonus

One of the most important innovations introduced during the conversion into law is certainly the Psychologist Bonusa contribution of up to 600 Euros, paid on the basis of ISEE, to cover the costs of psychotherapy sessions with specialists registered in the register of psychotherapists.

The measure was initially included in the budget law, but the amendment was withdrawn before agreement. Now comes the bonus and will finally be able to help all those people who need it, especially after two years of pandemics that have severely tested the mental health of the Italians. 10 million euros will be allocated for the bonuses for 2022, and another 10 million will be used to strengthen the psychological and psychiatric aid systems of our country.

Psychologist bonus up to 600 euros: how it will work

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: to Farmer Ceiling

In agreeing to the Milleproroghe amendments, the government was beaten several times. In fact, an amendment was adopted against the government’s opinion, which Ceiling of 1,000 euros for payments and farmer. For the whole year 2022 you can pay up to 2,000 euros in cash.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Tax Collection Requests

It will be possible to ask a new payment and refunds for those who have expired from the tranche of the charges. An amendment to the Milleproroghe provides that those who request it will return to pay until April 30, 2022 exclusively for loads whose extension plans have been suspended before the suspensions due to the pandemic.

Tax bills, new refunds and the Milleproroghe: how it works

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: Outstanding Competition for Precarious Teachers

Until June 15, 2022 the proof of the new will be withheld exceptional competition for precarious teachers who have served at least three years of service. The amendment to the Milleproroghe Decree also provides that “the successful candidates, who are placed in a useful place in the rankings, will be hired for the fixed term in 2022/2023 and participate in training at their own expense, also in collaboration with the universities that integrate their professional skills. During the duration of the determination contract, candidates also complete the annual initial training and testing course provided for in Article 13 of the Legislative Decree of 13 April 2017, n. 59. After passing the test that completed the training course
in the fifth period as well as the successful completion of the annual initial training and test course, the teacher will be employed for an indefinite period of time and confirmed in the role, with legal and economic effect from 1 September 2023, or, if later, from the date from the beginning of the service, in the same school where he worked under a fixed contract.

Milleproroghe Decree 2022: School

In addition to the extraordinary competition for teachers, Milleproroghe foresees that for the school year 2022/2023, the vacancies that can be filled after the vacancy will be filled by appointments on a fixed-term basis. Provincial Ranking for Substitutes (GPS)limited to topics listed in the first bracket of the ranking
provincial for the exchanges reserved for teachers in possession of the specialization qualification on support“.

Download the updated text of the Milleproroghe Decree


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