Messina between art and culture, Adriana’s “other” story: “Enough earthquake victims”

Through a blog and his social channels, he tries to show a different aspect of the city and of Sicily: “We have nothing to envy other cities”

MESSINA – We hear more and more often the expression about a messina to “say in a different way”. A long way, that goes by the culture of the individual citizens and by a mentality, that of the complaints that need to be put back or exploited in order to improve and improve. There are those who are already taking this path, each in his own field. Like the story of Adriana Cannaò. She, a diploma in cultural heritage, after various experiences in Italy, between Rome and Emilia Romagna, returns to the shores of the street and uses her skills to do this too: tell the beauty of the city and Sicily on social networks , as many to those who come from outside as those who live there and do not know what they are observing every day.

It all started with a blog and the desire to discover churches and museums in the capital. Then, with the return to Messina, the site and social channels focused on what the city and region have to offer. Adriana has no doubt and for her there is nothing to envy in other places in Italy. Therefore, it continues to be told, showing history, cultural influences, details and enchanting places that citizens often do not know.

How does this aspect of your life come about, you want to tell the story of Messina and Sicilian art?

Actually, it all started a few years ago. I did not think I was an art connoisseur on Instagram. I worked as a pastry chef in Rome and I realized I was never tired enough, just finished, not looking for a church or museum. I decided to start the blog I want to add ironic and critical connotations to. It was also the case to show the gaps and that not all gold is what shines.

Then I went back to Sicily and found myself around town and I realized I wanted to do the same. I wanted to show how much Messina has. It has many and has nothing to envy other cities. I wish people were more aware of the wealth we have. It is not a parochial discourse, but the reality is that we are not separated from national or international art. Great authors and big names have to do with the city, just many do not know it.

Why do you think “many do not know”? A question of education or mentality, of a Messina who can not be exploited?

I mean both. If you have children today, the value of what we have not explained, they will continue to think that our heritage is provincial, unimportant. So from a certain point of view yes, it is a cultural factor, but it is also true that there is not much know-how. Staying rooted in a very closed conception does not help either. I think it’s a big disadvantage of the city. When you begin to understand that you have to open up in a different way, there are no difficulties: we have cultural and natural assets, stories, legends, nothing to envy everyone. I think it’s a cultural issue that has shaped Messina’s mentality, underestimating what he has and the beauty of the city.

There is too much closure, we always think “I do mine, you do yours”. There is never a desire to network while creating synergies. We would all win, also from an artistic and cultural point of view. I also worked at Cesenatico, for example. There she manages to improve the Adriatic Sea, which in real life is not at all like our sea. There they offered you everything on a campsite: tickets for museums, trips, even tickets to go on a boat to watch the exercises. I’m sorry: we do not have the ability, the open-mindedness, to network. Instead of creating collaboration, competition or suspicion arises.

From this point of view, what is the place in the city that you like best?

They can not choose one, too difficult. Personally, after working in the library of the Vittorio Emanuele Theater, I am very connected to the theater itself. Then, if I can, I go to the Regional Museum and I’m enchanted by Antonello and Caravaggio. And once again the Church of the Catalans: even when I walk down the street, I take 2 or 3 minutes to walk around and observe. I’m fascinated by the influence of cultures that are highly valued elsewhere, let’s think of Palermo. Here it is very present. I really like the contamination of other cultures.

What do you dream of for city arts and culture?

Greater awareness. The end of this absurd earthquake victim. It must also be understood that not all “new” is wrong. It is often there that new stimuli are found to improve the past. Here, on the other hand, there is a lot of suspicion, while I am thinking of the time of Lucio Barbera or of futurism, when Messina was burned from an artistic and cultural point of view of vitality. I would like to see it shine, bright.

What if you send a message to your fellow citizens?

The message to the people of Messina? I would like them to look around, instead of saying that in “Messina there is nothing”. I would like you to look around, walk down the street, look at the church, walk, ask. However, more observation also needs more care, as this shows an understanding of the city’s value. I would like people to be aware of how Messina came to be, what it is today, its history and how much it can be.

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