Messina, Atm-Istituto Jaci Accord for transversal skills and orientation

The agreement between ATM SpA and AM Jaci Lycée was signed today for the launch of the Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation. The program allows third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students to enroll Training period at the Messina Transport Company followed by specially trained tutors.
In the presence of the teacher, Maria Rosaria Sgròand the President of ATM SpA, Giuseppe Campagnahas formalized the collaboration path, which in the coming months will lead about 30 young people to complete a 400-hour training course through the simulation of a virtual company with the company ATM SpA with the aim of putting it into practice when they are studied in the study . Addresses “Finance and Marketing Administration” and “Business Information Systems”.
In particular, the young people in the various sectors, and mainly in the commercial sector, will be placed in the direction of “innovation and development” and in the boxes in the city. “Thank you for this initiative we give students the opportunity to get in touch with the day-to-day dynamics of a large company – explains Giuseppe Campagna, President of ATM SpA – As we have already done with the “Estate Addosso” projects and we continue with “Growing in digital”, we now want to involve more young and very young people to enrich their curriculum and at the same time they face the training and job challenges we face. “
The teacher Maria Rosaria Sgrò is satisfied and emphasizes: “Our students have it great training opportunity and we are pleased that ATM SpA, which is one of the companies investing the most in our territory, has given its availability to this project. We are confident that the results will be excellent and our boys and girls will learn a lot from this experience and therefore we would like the management of ATM SpA to be available to give some specific lessons to our students to further enrich them . Education Curriculum “.
“It’s a unique opportunity for our school,” said the professor Antonio Musicò, Head of the Institute’s Business Administration “AM Jaci” – One of the elements that drive a business to success is to create synergies with schools and universities in order to draw on already specialized human resources and ATM SpA proves sensitive in this regard. The activity – continues Professor Musicò – also aims to track children directly and better, with the appropriate monitoring, as part of the scheduled hours, being carried out in the institute’s laboratories by conducting a business simulation at all effects “.

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