Memorandum of Understanding between TEKNE and the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS Fap Training Institute of Ortona. A one-hundred-hour professionalization course for 5-year-old IPSIA Marconi students with TEKNE staff.

Monday, March 7, at the Ortonese headquarters of the company TEKNE, one of the leading companies in Italy, which develops and develops industrial, special and military vehicles and electronic systems for automotive, defense and safety, a memorandum of understanding which sees the activation . of a partnership with the Marconi Professional Institute and the CNOS Fap Training Institute in Ortona.

The partnership, strongly supported by schoolteacher Dr Angela Potenza and TEKNE, was founded by prof. Luigi Polidoro coordinates, and aims at the activation of a one hundred hour professional course dedicated to the operator of the metal carpentry, a further specialization. for technicians working on machinery and metal products and engaged in the assembly of mechanical elements and components of machinery, machinery and metal products, in accordance with quality standards and production objectives.

The strength of the project is the availability of TEKNE staff, both technical and management, located in the headquarters of the Cnos Training Body and with the technological equipment and facilities available in the equipped laboratories of the two institutions involved, practical, concrete to do. Training activities. , dedicated to numerical control and welding, contribute to the realization of a professionalizing path for the fifth year students of IPSIA Marconi, thus facilitating their introduction into the world of work.

The training action that has been implemented represents an important result of the Marconi Institute. In synergy with a company of tenors of TEKNE, a national excellence for both the electronic, mechanical and automotive sectors, is extremely motivating for our students and a stimulus for our teachers “, says prof. Polidoro,

“The project allows us to bring the professional profile of our students closer to what the territory demands, to form more coherent figures and with a greater awareness of the industrial operational reality.”

“A healthy society must grow in harmony with the territory and we believe that the educational opportunities for these young students are part of the path of attention that an industry that wants to make business ethical should never ignore.” Antonella D’Arrezzo, Director of Tekne, “We are convinced that the greatest gift offered to young people in our area is to facilitate their integration into the world of work and that the commitment of businesses and educational institutions can represents a winning combination for the country’s next major challenges “


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