Memorandum from the Ministry of Education on the management of supplementary school contracts

Management of School supplement negotiationsthe Ministry of Education published, February 25, 2022, the Note no. 7586 with the aim of: ‘New features for the management of supplementary school negotiations’.

Management of the School Supplementary Dissertation, Ministry of Education Note No. 7586 of 25 February

In the new Circular Reference is made to the previous note Prot. No. 21503 of 30 September 2021: the Ministry announces that from that date February 28, 2022is inside you SIDIspecific functions for the management of the institution’s supplementary negotiations.

These features implemented in BIS will be accessible in the following ways: SIDI Applications → Financial Accounting Management → Integrated School Report → “POS” tab.

It is understood that even educational institutions that do not use BIS for accounting method management will be able to come to the above area and use the features dedicated to school supplementary negotiation.

The note emphasizes, among other things, the purpose of the negotiate is the quality of increaseTraining OfferSupporting the ongoing innovation processes, including by improving the professionals involved.

According to Art. 22, section 2, lit. c), of CCNL concerning the staff of the education and research sector for the three-year period 2016-2018, can be found at the school level between the Teacher an den MSW and representatives of the trade unions that have signed the CCNL, which are part of the trade union movement.

For example, they are the subject of supplementary institution negotiations, according to Art. 22, section 4, lit. c), of the above-mentioned CCNL 2016-2018, the following things:

  • the criteria for the distribution of The resources of School Fong;
  • the criteria for the distribution of accessory remuneration, according to Art. 45, Section 1, of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001 bis Teaching staff, pedagogical and ATA staffincluding the share of related resourcesSchool-work diversion and resources related to national and community projects, possibly intended for staff remuneration. In this regard, there is an obligation to draw on the fact that any additional costs to be paid to school staff, regardless of the source of funding (resources allocated to the POS or tasks on the treasury accounts, subject to a specific School contract). of educational institutions). In the light of the above, therefore, the resources that pass through the school budgets to remunerate the activities of the staff must also be negotiated;
  • the general criteria for determining Remuneration for staff development directed, also recognized for teaching staff according to Art. 1, section 127, of Act no. 107/2015 and subsequent amendments;
  • the criteria and methods of application of the Trade union rights, as well as the determination of the staff quotas provided for in the agreement on the implementation of Law no. 146/1990;
  • the criteria for identifying time bands of Schedule flexibility in entry and exit for the ATA Personalto achieve greater reconciliation between work and family life;
  • the general criteria for resources for the Personal Training in accordance with the objectives and purposes defined at national level with the National Teacher Training Plan;
  • the general criteria forUse of technological tools of work and hours other than those of service, for the purpose of greater reconciliation between work and family life (right to separation);
  • the reflections on Quality of work and on the professionalism of technological innovations and computerization processes inherent in administrative services and supporting school activities.

The note then indicates the main features that have been implemented:

  • Integrative negotiations: to look at the amounts that the Ministry annually for the improvement of the training offer (e.g.
  • FIS Decompte: to calculate the FIS amount to cover the management indemnity for the DSGA and the indemnity due to the possible DSGA replacement
  • Activities / Tasks list: to see the activities for which the school intends to assign specific tasks to teachers and ATA staff
  • Resource Destination: allocate the resources available for each specific remuneration and sub-remuneration
  • Reports: Automatically compile explanatory report (DS) and technical report (DSGA)
  • Athena minutes of supplement contract hypotheses: automatically draw up a draft of the Athena Protocol on the Supplementary School Contract Hypothesis
  • Approval of additional negotiations: approved the supplementary negotiations and proceed with the subsequent management of the orders
  • Personal Registry: to see teachers and ATA in service at school. The data is updated directly from the SIDI staff file, without the possibility for the school to make manual changes / additions
  • Task management: assign the previously recorded activities and tasks to the personnel present in the registry. It will also be possible in this area to generate the CD. “Letter of appointment”
  • Monitoring and reporting: summarize all the information related to the institution’s supplementary negotiations and monitor the progress of the activities related to the ordering of offices and relative liquidation.

Below is the full text of the note.


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