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“The ministry wanted to find solutions. We want to prevent the loss of school autonomy and we had guarantees for that. We also insisted on extending the exceptions for the 2016 earthquake and on the need for . to prevent loss of classes and plexuses “. Regional Councilor Giorgia Latini thus illustrated the video conference meeting that took place yesterday afternoon with Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi and the presidents of the provinces, including Sandro Parcaroli for Macerata. In fact, the rendezvous should be held today in Rome at the ministerial seat, ahead of a demonstration with the mayors of the Marche region. All predicted by a document, signed by over eighty municipalities, sent to Minister Bianchi with the various requests. “The Minister – explained Latini – immediately accepted our requests, provided for in the Assembly. We received, despite the reduction of the school population, guarantees on the maintenance of the same staff from the previous year: 766 more places than those that would have been allocated .Based on the number of pupils.The problems that are being addressed also include the lack of infrastructural connections that force families and students on long and expensive journeys, and the overcrowding of classes in larger communities, including in We need to defend the school and avoid inconsistent actions: with the Pnrr and the earthquake we intervene in the school buildings and we have to prevent the structures from being left unused “Already this week we will be making available. Data on the critical issues for the table with the Ministry in the near future”. The report is due to be delivered by Friday and the new meeting in Rome is scheduled for April 7. The region adds that the minister has shown “full readiness to address the issue in the short term, invites people to hold a working and discussion table, in the meantime to review the situation, and then to make appropriate choices.” meet “. It is the teachers themselves who demand an optimization of resources with more means of transport in favor of the schools. Yesterday, President Parcaroli explained to Minister Bianchi the problems that arise in the respective territorial areas. Also present was Laura Sestili, Counselor in charge of the network and school building, which has been activated since the beginning of the month, through the inspection of the various schools, and the mayors and teachers, asking difficulties in the training of staff and the task at hand. of classes. “We are counting on didactic continuity,” says Sestili. “, considering that the arrival of Ukrainian refugees will be higher than that on paper”. The mayors, who have not found any critical issues this year, for example Urbisaglia and Colmurano, say that “a problem is just being dismissed”, in light of the birth rate.

Lucia Gentili

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