Meeting on school building between the Student Council and the Province of Brescia

(Ed.) The Provincial Council of Students of Brescia, the institutional representative body of students (Dpr 567/96), held an online meeting with the institutions of the Province of Brescia on Wednesday afternoon, 16 February 16. Held in February. delegate advisers’ education, school building, work and production activities, vocational training, sports facilities, Filippo Ferrari.
The meeting, which has been on the agenda for some time, has focused on the school building in the Brescia region.. President of the Consulta Lorenzo Lancini (Don Milani-Montichiari), Vice President Matteo Paganotti (San Bernardino-Chiari), Secretary Francesco Ceruti (Battisti-Salò), President of the Right to Study and Transport Commission of Sofia Labella (Capirola- Ghedi), the Assistant to the President of the Consulta Samuele Rizzo (Don Milani-Montichiari), together with Tutor Mateo Hernandez George and the Speaker of the Council for the Ust Brescia Professor Giuliana Fiini, assisted by Professor Antonella Greco. The institutional table was closed with the presence of the manager of the Brescia Territorial School Office, Giuseppe Bonelli.

“The students,” informs a note, “presented to the Director General the questions on the subject of school building in the Brescia region.which arose from the meetings of the Study Law and Transport Committee of the Council “.
“The Ferrari Councilor”, the press release continues, “gives clear and diligent answers, explains the steps that need to be taken for the construction or upgrade of a school infrastructure, also presents the activity budget 2020-2021 and further documents of the province on the subject of the meeting.The statements allowed the presenting members to understand the work that the province is carrying out for the requalification of the school infrastructure, also thanks to the arrival of funds from the NRP, which the institution could use to expand the scope of intervention.
“After a very constructive meeting,” the note concludes, “while it was reaffirmed “several times the desire to collaborate at institutional level between the parties presented, it was agreed to maintain a direct link on issues of mutual interest, further launching institutional cooperation to address any emerging issues”.

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