Meeting between companies and students “Some have chosen their curriculum” – Chronicle


Some companies have already selected the summaries of recent graduates of this year and recent years. Others, however, found the names and schooling experience of many other candidates. It’s the result of the first day (the first morning, to be exact, the second is today) of Valdera Talent Job Day, a unique experience of its kind that Valdera’s companies and professional studios and girls without any Filter.a Jonker just from Lycée Fermi, Marconi and Pacinotti.

Over 40 companies and around 150 aspiring workers in the early morning of Valdera Talent Job Day, an initiative promoted and organized by the high schools Itcg Fermi, Itis Marconi and Ipsia Pacinotti together with the Tuscan Regional Employment Agency (Arti) with the support and patronage of the Municipality of Pontedera. It all took place at the headquarters, where at 9 am also the video intervention of the regional councilor for education, training and employment, Alessandra Nardini. “The connection between young people, school and the world of work is fundamental,” said Nardini. “As a region, we want to reduce youth unemployment, guarantee safe, stable and quality work. Aware of the services offered by our employment centers, a wide-ranging network throughout the territory, which we strengthen through significant investments “. For the three schools, the managers present Luigi Vittipaldi (Fermi), Pierluigi Robino (Marconi) and Maria Giovanna Missaggia (Pacinotti).

The mayor of Pontedera, Matteo Franconi, addressed the young people, telling them “do not take these tools for granted and appreciate them”.

“This is an important boost for those who leave school and decide not to continue their studies, but to make themselves available to the world of work,” said Franconi. People are connected in the territory.This morning there is a lot of Valdera here and the desire to work as a team and it is the plus that we bring home so that there is a constant opportunity for all those who leave our school.

“Children need to know what’s there when the school door is closed – the words of Stefania Dini, manager of Arti Toscana – University and education for those who want to continue, but for those who choose the world of work, Employment services are a support and assistance for the insertion.The Valdera Talent Job Day initiative goes exactly in this direction “. Today is the second morning of the meetings. Always from 9 and always at Fermi.


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