Me, a degraded teacher: 36 hours is short compared to what I did after school. Letter

Sent by Ombretta Ratti – Dear Minister Bianchi, I am Ombretta, a teacher from a small village in the province of Como, who, thanks to the understanding of the various ministers, because the following are no longer valid as a necessary requirement for teachers: d ‘Qualification, professionalism, competence, empathy, training, the desire to learn, but only the realization of the vaccination cycle, were degraded and so I decided to write to her to talk about school.

I started learning in 2003, when the 5th grade exams were over.
It was so named because it really laid the basic, simple foundations on which the whole life lesson was based back then!
I left a permanent and well-paid job
(Secretary first on the switchboard, then in the technical office, then in the administration office and finally in the payroll and contribution office, because the now-forgotten “apprenticeship office” trained you and allowed you to pursue a career)
to accept a temporary replacement
(an opportunity I jumped at to be able to enter the world of work for which I had studied and which I have always wanted to do since childhood).

At that time I lived in Sormano and my school was in Valmadrera.

For our substitutes, who are valid for a total of 180 days of service for 12 points, we also accept substitutes of only 4 days, have the right to:
– most wasted hours (I tried to go to school even for only half an hour);
– the most complex tasks (manual overwriting of report cards);
– all canteens;
– every afternoon (as if they were a punishment)

and so, many times, half of the pay was used to pay for gas to go to school.

What are they kissing?
I gained experience, I tried to steal the work of the real teachers from the past, who as “keepers of knowledge” did not provide you with a job on a silver plate, but made you sweat for it to fully appreciate.
I always thought it was a “natural selection” strategy: whoever is not inclined to be a teacher changes jobs!

And so I rolled up my sleeves, day by day, I built up my school career, at school:
– the different generations of children who become ‘future citizens of the world’ (to name the key competences of European citizenship);
– the various ministers (Moratti, Fioroni, Gelmini, Profumo, Azzolina and finally their Minister Bianchi) with many reforms
(first commitment up to 18, then down to 16;
Introduction of Civic Education, which has always been done;
Introduction to teaching staff:
including, personalized, individualized, compensatory, dispensative, by skills, by knowledge, by skills, at a distance, integrated, digital, for projects, interdisciplinary, transversal, vertical, horizontal, for the development of life skills, peer-to-peer, collaborative,
inverted – inverted classroom, lab …);

– not to mention the mark (first sentences, then words, then numerical marks, then levels ..);
– Textbooks (paper, mixed, digital …)

Fortunately, at the other school where I taught, I was able to make alternative choices in textbooks for many years, because Article 33 of the Constitution says “art and science are free and their teaching is free”.

Then I finally saw my last chance to not be precarious anymore: the long awaited competition in 2012.
I started studying and cut out the time between my duties as a wife and mother of 3 children who were then going to kindergarten.
Victims are always rewarded: finally the long awaited ROLE!

After telling her a little bit about myself, as in the legislative handbook: “see … see … see … seen …”, I ask myself:
but the requirements for being able to teach are no longer related to qualification, experience, desire to engage, empathy with children, knowledge about psychology and pedagogy?

If you love your job, you will see only the positives!
Yes, but nowadays this word is “positive” fear …

I have only completed cycle primary and therefore for the state I am “not suitable for teaching staff”, without a competent professional doctor who has judged me!
In addition, I do a swab every two days, which guarantees that I will not be able to get infected and yet refuse to be in contact with my beloved first class children.

I’m talking to you, because you really like didactic continuity, ask yourself:
Does all this make sense to you?

And to “turn the knife even further” the support activities for the educational institute I do at the school where I am the owner: “I can listen to my children from afar, but I can not d ‘Class come with them!’.

That’s the most frustrating thing, certainly not the 36 hours of weekly work I have to do as punishment even though I’m employed on a 17 hour part time contract (selected for family needs because I have 3 kids).
36 hours is short compared to what I always did at home after school, when I came to class, about 15 days ago …

Of course, because the time it takes to prepare for the lessons, creating custom maps based on the needs of the different class groups, correcting, evaluating, PDP, PEI drafting, travel documents, writing notifications and everything else is not only necessary Time. . , but also cartridges of your own printer and sheets of paper … at will!

I am, however, an outspoken teacher and, even though I have two doses and the health emergency is over, I have to “accept” this punishment, at the expense of all the work, skills, knowledge, human relationships that have been created with my students.

If I remember correctly, must the school be INCLUSIVE, or am I wrong?

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

This is why ministers keep valid teachers out of school by making them feel unsuitable: they fear that the world they have created could become one of discrimination, fear, anxiety, selfishness, individualism, self-centeredness, submission. , thanks to the school: A WORLD OF LOVE!

I do not know if she reads this letter, I’m sure she does not have time to answer me, but it does not matter: I just wanted to talk to her about the school I would like!

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