Mazarin: “Grando breaks – really – with Cavaliere’s conspiracy”

“That the Cavaliere has expressed dubious opinions for several years is a fact known to all, but Mayor Grando certainly did not shine in his phase of the Northern League to stand up to him, on the contrary, he gave him the tricolor. Band take the stage of a novax demonstration by going to the fun of its captain.

On the other hand, the management of the Ladispolan pandemic was also red water for this reason. Now that Councilor Cavaliere has finished the catwalk with novaxism, out of fashion, he has given us with his conspiracy theses another pearl that says that war in Ukraine does not exist, and expressed this on a national level, appropriately mocked of ‘Hyenas’.

The measure was so full that even the PD, which arose from Torpor, wrote against ridiculous and even ill-expressed opinions, certainly not with bright tones.

And at this point, voilà, further frenzy of Mayor Grando and his large party, the Lega, distancing themselves from Cavaliere’s declarations of delusion, opens the door of his house with the classic fig leaf to commemorate a prize awarded to the knight was. of the PD but without remembering that he was not yet a city councilor, but a simple writer, thus irrelevant for political purposes.

The political relevance is instead that Mayor Grando, despite this award, has the first Cavaliere candidate and he keeps in his coalition, he leaves political viability even as Novax and only now, in the face of total national mockery, he distances himself, but to leave a window open because the votes do not stink during elections. So we expect coherence, Mr Mayor, but it applies to all candidates, committed to rejecting Cavaliere’s votes and to drastically distance themselves from these bar conspiracies. We say this because the internet and then Terzobinario have not forgotten the photos in which Mayor Grando with Senator Leghista De Vecchis passionately work with Cavaliere to excite and excite novaxist people in full pandemic, causing real harm to everyone’s safety. It’s a simple invitation to consistency, without flashing on those who have made conspiracy theories. Mayor, we understand that funding for future refugees is useful, but portrayed on your controversy over those who fled from identical wars like the Syrians. Then, to conclude, it is urgent to clarify something about Councilor Cavaliere’s self-esteem. We read the curriculum and watched the videos on Youtube and we learned that after his schooling in Germany his university studies were focused on psychology, in which he graduated from La Sapienza, where psychology at the time, if we do not feel bad remember, it was a specialization in literature and philosophy. He holds the title of Professor at the IURSS Santa Rita University and a course in Theology at the Diocese of Porto and Santa Rufina. Now this is all interesting, but there is very little value in talking about vaccinations, science, international military and political strategies and therefore his opinion is just as valid as that of many others, in many cases less so. It’s just a psychological tactic to refine with proper titles to accredit his opinion even on topics for which one has no specific competence, and people fall into it and hear it only what they want to hear (BIAS Confirmation). It is not enough to speak ill of and deny if you do not bring evidence, in science this is the method and despite the doubts of many, science is expressed in numbers and concrete and certified evidence. It’s not enough to say ‘it’s a conspiracy’ just because people want to hear it, you have to prove it or keep quiet. The confirmation comes from his psychology books which state: “Initiation into family constellations. A Key to Life “,” The Death of the Rule of Law: Chemtrails. The refusal of democracy “, e “Esoteric Handbook of Family Constellations. Method and Principles Revealed”. So family constellations, esotericism and chemtrails complete with revelations are his strong point and his opinions are very unscientific and very revealing, even vaguely messianic. In any case, always from the curriculum, he has no specific competence, not even far away, to talk about vaccinations, epidemiology and international politics or even less war. He can ask for voices as he pleases, for example by becoming champion on the homophobic and anti-abortion front, he tries to hide behind the reassuring face in the slogans of the “Ladispoli City of Life”, but he does not start with the messianic Preaches about his universal culture, because it is rewritten in the psychological sphere he uses, we come to say, in a very populist and manipulative way. Maybe you can tell us how many copies you have sold and the opinion of those who have read it, with a relative pedigree and also the prices to understand who is financing it. And we’re asking Mayor Grando to stop riding the waves right now, we just have to watch as his administration rushes to take the picture, pity it’s only close to the election to make us forget the five years of bad Administration and compromise of the territory “.

Cardinal Mazarin

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