Maturity 2022, which is included in the Student Curriculum

The student’s curriculum is the document that will be a fundamental element for the purpose of Maturity 2022. It is reported by the school and by the students themselves. Information regarding the school background, the certifications obtained and the extracurricular activities carried out over the years. But precisely because the compilation of this document is also the responsibility of the graduates, it is necessary to understand how to do it and what it is possible to set. So here it is useful tips for compiling the student curriculum.

What is the Student Curriculum

First of all, we clarify that the student curriculum is a kind of identity of the “graduate student”, useful for the teachers in the bachelor’s examination committee, but also for the student himself, which summarizes both the academic career and all the extra activities that were carried out . independently during high school. Information that, in addition to the overview of the students’ personalities, can be further ideas for conducting the final interview. The student curriculum vitae attached to the diploma can then be used by those leaving school to introduce themselves or, if necessary, to the university world or to work.

What to include in the student curriculum

The curriculum consists of three parts:

1. Education and Training: it is closely linked to the candidate’s academic career and contains all the information about the study (including PCTs). This section can only be completed by the school.

2. Certifications: the second part is dedicated to the language, IT or other type of certifications obtained during the school year. This section can be filled out by both institutions and students.

3. Extracurricular activities: may include all activities carried out outside the school environment, such as professional sports, the study of a musical instrument, active citizens, cultural or voluntary activities, as well as any publications. This section can only be completed by students.

So we come to the main question: what should be included in the student curriculum? As we have seen, students can only write information in the second and third parts.
In the second part, related to the certifications, you can then report all the certifications that you have received at the school or outside the school.
Maybe less clear is what You can enter in the third partconsists of 6 elements: professional activities, cultural and artistic activities, musical activities, sports activities, active nationality and voluntary activities and other activities.

What is included in the student curriculum: extracurricular activities

Exactly the Ministry of Education should clarify about Faq what can be in the 3rd section of the student course, after the various “articles”:

  • Professional activities: Under the heading “Occupational activities” you can enter information about all work activities that were done during the school year, other than PCTO experiences (eg work activities that are carried out during the summer season).
  • Cultural and artistic activities: Under the heading “Cultural and artistic activities” you can enter information about all cultural and artistic activities that were done during the school years (eg acting or art courses, participation in theater groups, participation in cultural workshops, etc.).
  • Musical activities: Under the section “Musical activities” you can enter information about all musical activities that were done during the school year (eg singing lessons, courses for the use of musical instruments, participation in music groups, etc.).
  • Sports activities: Under the heading “Sports activities” you can find information about all sports activities, competitive or not, that are done during the school year (eg courses to learn a sport, exercise a sports activity, participation in a sports group, etc.).
  • Active nationality and voluntary activities: Under the heading “Active citizenship and volunteers” you can enter information about all voluntary activities that were done during the school year (eg association or participation in the activities of non-profit organizations, perform voluntary activities, etc.).
  • Other activities: In the “Other activities” section, you can enter information about any additional activities that were done during the school year, not in the other areas of the curriculum.
    In particular, you can report participation in tenders or competitions (by type, discipline or area, school year, qualification and achieved results), any publications or articles (indicating the type, any other author, title, publisher, year of the Publication in all ISBN code, identifier of the published book / work).
    You can also specify additional activities, the type and a short description. Among them, the extracurricular activities of the enrichment of the pedagogical offer organized by the school can be reported, particularly significant for one’s own educational path and possibly not in the corresponding section of the first part of the curriculum.

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