Maturity 2022, examination costs until 12 April. How to compile MODEL ES -0 and ES -C

Secondary high schools must formulate the proposal for the formation of the Commissions of the Final State Examination of the Second Cycle of Education as 2021/22. Here’s how and when to proceed.

State Exam Expenditure 2021/22

The commissions for the second degree state examination as of 2021/22 are:

  • make one for both classes;
  • chaired by a president from outside the school;
  • consists of six internal commissioners for each of the two classes (each of which corresponds to a sub-commission), without prejudice to the possibility of identifying one or more commissioners for both classes.

The president is appointed by the USR in charge, while the internal commissioners are appointed by the relevant class councils.

Appointment of Commissioners

The internal commissioners, as mentioned above, are designated by each class council. The designation, as of MI with note no. 6719 of 17.03.2022, must take place until April 12, 2022.

For the above purpose, Class Councils may meet at a distance (Article 5, Section 1, of OM 66/2022).

For the nomination criteria read here.

The designation of the internal commissioners is preparation for the formulation by the teacher of the proposal on the formation of the commissions.

Commission training proposal

Model ES-0

For the purpose of configuring the commissions of the final state examination of the second cycle of education, the teacheras mentioned above, formulates a proposal regarding the formation of the commissions and the matching of classes / commissionsby filling out, online at the SIDI portal, the Model ES-0.

The manager compiles the ES-0 form, consider the following criteria:

– each term class, including classes divided into different study areas, flows into a single commission;

– the institution of the first class of the Commission, which may be state or equal, gives the name of the Commission;

– the matching between the two classes / commissions is carried out so that the stewards can operate on both classes;

– the couple must be made in order:

  1. between two classes / commissions of the same field of study;
  2. between two classes / commissions with different fields of study, in case the disciplines entrusted to the commissioners are the same between the two courses or in any case ascribed to the same competition classes;
  3. between the code of the day course and that of the same address of the Second Level Course of Adult Education, if they operate in the same place. Alternatively, the combination of two classes of second-level courses in adult education is allowed, also regarding different addresses (in both cases, the commissioner or commissioners who do not meet during the exam, limited to the address for which they were). nominated);
  4. if due to objective difficulties (such as the excessive distance between the institutions to which the classes to be combined) it is not possible to meet the above criteria, combinations are allowed between two classes with different fields of study of the same Way – high schools, technical institutes, vocational institutes (in this case, the commissioner or commissioners who do not meet, operate, during the examination, limited to the address for which they were appointed);
  5. Rest, it is possible to make combinations between two classes belonging to different study paths (in this case, the commissioner or commissioners who do not meet will work, during the exam, limited to the address for which they were appointed).

The ES-0 form must be completed from March 24 to April 12, 2022.

Model ES-C

In addition to the ES-0 form, for the purposes of the proposal for the training and adaptation of the examination committees, the teacher must also fill out the ES-C form, concerning the designation of the internal commissioners, also online on the SIDI portal. .

The ES-C form is completed by the manager after the appointment of internal commissioners of each class council. Do Composition of the model it is possible of the March 28 to April 12, 2022.

Commission formation

Once the proposals were received, the USR, through the USP:

  • evaluates the proposals of the executives and makes any necessary changes, in accordance with the appropriate criteria (to the order) indicated above;
  • Proceeds, first in the municipal and then provincial areas, to the combinations with another institution of the classes / commissions remained isolated in the institution to which they belong, because they are of a strange number, also all classes of the second level courses of adult education (always in the order shown above); Combinations between classes / commissions operating in different provinces are not allowed;
  • in case of impossibility to proceed with the match, except, the USR sets a separate commission.

After evaluating and reviewing the configuration proposals of the executives, including the use of the provincial territorial areas, the USRs will ensure the definitive acquisition in the information system of the configurations of the examination commissions,
uses the data entered by the schools during the proposal phase.

The said operations, by the USR / USP, will take place from 14 to 29 April 2022.

Maturity 2022, Indications for request for President and formation of commissions. ALL GUIDES WITH ORDER TO DOWNLOAD

OM 66/2022

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