Mathematics before numbers: how to develop and strengthen logical-mathematical assumptions? – MIUR accredited online course

MIUR accredited online course (15 hours) to assist teachers in planning activities that favor a playful and active approach: work on comparing quantities, on the classification of objects, games, shapes, colors; Involve students with spatial orientation activities, also introduce concepts of geometry and topology, etc.

Do Mathematics it was always the “black beast” for Italian students.

Data from recent INVALSI tests confirm this: 44% have not reached the minimum level.

But what role do school and teaching methodology play in this outcome?

Often, especially in the first years of school, when students start to offer mathematical exercises, they are subjected to activities that do not take into account. Starting points of logical-mathematical thinking.

Before we get to the numbers, many other practical activities can help support the logical-mathematical learning area: Compare quantities, classify objects by shape or color, play in space.

This is all math!

Designing activities that support cognitive precursors is not so obvious: often due to lack of time and workload, one chooses to use only preset cards, with the risk of ineffective and boring the children.

In addition, each of us learns with different timelines, and it is fundamental give everyone the same basis from which to start and on which the future of learning is structured.

For these reasons, in response to a specific request for support from many teachers throughout Italy, the professional academy has created an e-seminar (practical online course), with the aim of educating teachers in the Planning activities that favor a playful and active approach.

There is one accredited online course (15 training hours), are present on the Sofia platform and therefore can also be purchased with the teacher card.

E-Seminar (Practical Online Training Course) – Accredited (15 hours)

Mathematics before numbers
Didactic suggestions, ready-to-use maps and practical suggestions for developing and improving the prerequisites and main cognitive functions related to learning in the logical-mathematical field

By Dr Maddalena Bianchi: Educator, Early Childhood Expert, Cognitive Pedagogy and SLD. Applier of the flint method, expert in mindfulness and family mediator

LIMITED OFFER: 15% discount for registrations until March 10, 2022

What is the e-seminar?

  • The e-seminar is a online practical training courseconsists of 4 lessons available on our web portal dedicated to training.
  • First lesson available starting Thursday, March 10, 2022
  • The course is present at the Sofia Platform (Identification code: 69841) and therefore it is possible to pay with it Teacher Map.
  • After activating your personal account on our e-learning platform, you can Access to training content (Handouts, Video Courses, Summary Slides, Between Self-Evaluation Questionnaires) at any time and from any place save a lot of time and money because you get all the training you need right on your PC without missing school.
  • The didactic material remains in your possession forever and he will be able to consult it at times and in the manner he deems most appropriate.
  • It will be able to check your level of learning with the meanwhile self-assessment questionnaire and in-depth material.
  • At the end of the course you will receive theParticipation certificate (15 training hours).

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Benefits and objectives

  • Design the educational activities of the logical-mathematical field, by a playful and practical approachwhich stimulates the active learning of the preconditions already in place first school year.
  • Discover how the child’s mind works by the illustration of metacognitive Method and its application from the early years of preschool, using a 360-degree working methodology.
  • Develop and strengthen the prerequisites for learning mathematics with a view to the entrance of the primary school.
  • Supports the main cognitive functions related to the learning of the logical-mathematical areathrough concrete ideas and practical activity maps that are implemented in the classroom.
  • Didactic material, examples, diagrams, video lessonsto better fix the complex issues.

Payment methods

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  • Teacher Map
  • Paypal

This is an online course accredited and also purchased with the Teacher’s Card.
If you do not want to take advantage of this bonus, you will be able to take advantage of a special discount.


  • 15% Discount when you sign up until Thursday, March 10, 2022
  • Additional 10% discount in the case of 2 or more students enrolled in the same school.

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