Master Goldschmidt Domenico Tordo meets the students of ‘Marconi

The education of an individual has no limit. It continues with its cultural and professional growth, to create the conditions to improve its knowledge, but also to provide qualitatively better and better services to the social community to which it is addressed.

This is the case of goldsmith Domenico Tordo, who, despite his experience and skill in the field in which he works, continues his education, achieving step by step more and more interesting goals.

The latter, in chronological order, is characterized by the achievement of the diploma as “Certifier of Hrd Diamond” (High Council for Diamond), achieved by passing a theoretical and practical examination (diamond color; diamond theory and practical analysis of diamonds), to End of the specific course, organized by Tads, Tarì Design School, by Marcianise (CE), in collaboration with Antwerp Antwerp (Belgium).

Domenico Tordo
Domenico Tordo

But Domenico Tordo also has the truth to pass on his knowledge and expertise.

Of these preconditions, in recent days, he had a meeting with the students who attended the two-year course of the “Marconi-Guarasci” Institute of Higher Education in Cosenza.

During the pleasant morning, led in the school by the teacher Maria Saveria Veltri, the boys were impressed by the story of Tordo, who reported his education and professional path, ie his work goals. He showed them the make of some jewels, especially works of sacred art.

The conversation with teacher Tordo allowed the student to come to a different perspective: the opportunity to put into practice what they were experiencing at school. The young students listened intently. Especially when he told them that he had already chosen his path of study at the age of 14, with many victims. The training of Master Tordo in the goldsmithing sector began at the Art Institute “Benvenuto Cellini” in Valenza.

Then, after graduating in ‘Master Goldsmith and Jewelry Expert’, still a young man, he decided to return to Calabria, a country with which he was strongly associated.

Its path, despite the difficulties faced in everyday life, is characterized by a systematic rise, both in the region and outside the territorial boundaries of Calabria.

“I went back to school – commented the Ionic teacher – to share my journey as a goldsmith and to soothe the joy of soothing.” On the other hand, the same master Tordo emphasized how the art of goldsmithing is not only a work, but an experience, as well as a technique capable of creating charm and emotion.

Maestro Domenico Tordo meets the students of Marconi di Cosenza
Maestro Domenico Tordo meets the students of Marconi di Cosenza

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