Marsciano, Salvatorelli-Moneta Students in Olympic Economics and Finance

Allows students to explore economic-financial topics, useful for training citizens who are aware of the role of finance in the economy, but also for future university courses. With this dual goal, also in this school year, the Commercial Services Course of the All-Inclusive Salvatorelli Moneta Institute in Marsciano offered its students a series of in-depth training initiatives. In particular the participation in the national EconoMia competition and the Olympic Games in economics and finance.

The fourth edition of the latter is actually taking place, and the institute is participating for both the junior category (first and second grade) and for the seniors (third, fourth and fifth grade). The 2022 edition of the Olympic Games focuses on two thematic areas: one on the real economy, with regard to GDP, technological progress and its effects on economic growth, income, economy and environment; the others of a financial nature, relating to financial markets, banks and crypto-assets. The competition includes a first phase of the institute where students Cimarelli Grace of class 2AC (junior) and Spaccini Cindy of class 3AC (senior) have already been selected, already winners of the regional competition in the last edition.

The other activity is the participation, for the first time, in the national EconoMia competition, now in its tenth edition and organized by the Turin Local Committee (TOLC), Editore Laterza in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Savings Museum, the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation and ” Bodoni “Economic Technical Institute of Parma. The aim is to promote a more solid and widespread economic culture among students, to favor the exercise of an active nationality based on the ability to make rational, critical and responsible choices in the face of the phenomena of economic reality. to make.

The twenty winners of the EconoMia competition, selected from the 99 participating schools, in addition to a cash prize, are guests of the Turin International Economy Festival from 31 May to 4 June 2022. The theme chosen for the 2022 edition is’ Merit, Diversity, social justice.

The contestants are: Antonelli Marika, Fritas Meriem, Muradi Sara, Neri Gloria, Zbeir Awatif from Class IV AC.

“These activities – commented by the Salvatorelli Moneta All-Inclusive Institute – fit very well into the school curriculum of Commercial Services in which disciplines such as professional techniques of commercial services and law and economics play an important role in the legal-economic education of students and allow d ‘To excel in this field’. The teacher, Professor Francesca Gobbi, also highlighted how these experiences are opportunities for professional growth.


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