Marsala, first class class with only students children of perpetrators: the case

A very first class in Marsala (Tp) consists of students who are all children of perpetrators. Salvatore Inguì, director of the Social Services Office for Minors in Palermo, reported this to the Regional Anti-Mafia Family Commission, which closed an inquiry into the condition of minors in Sicily after eight months of hearings.

The case in the Anti-Mafia Commission

Inguì was heard at the hearing of the antimafia on September 14 last year. “Last week a teacher called me and made me a list of the kids, this list of the kids. He asked me if I knew them. I know them all, he listed twenty-two for me. What is the ‘ Characteristics of these children? All children of subjects with serious criminal prejudices.I said, ‘but why do you make this list?’ “As it happens, all these children are only in a primary school, they start in the first school year and they have only put children of this type in this class”. Commission President Claudio Fava’s response was dry, as the final report unanimously approved: “Perhaps this is something that deserves to be pointed out quickly, because it seems to me to be the opposite of what the education and community message should represent. Especially in a reality like the Sicilian, in which the social unrest of minors provides the formidable opportunity for criminal recruitment.It is important to understand whether this precedent is an isolated case or rather on the fringes of the Sicilian.Cities Ghetto classes where “Collecting children from prejudice or imprisoning parents is a non-episodic trace. It would be a sign of a kind of institutional retreat to the already marked fate of those children and the social context in which they grow up.” .

Inguì to report that in the school a whole first school year of 22 pupils, children of parents with a criminal act, it would be a crèche, the wife would be Inguì’s sister, and take care of the commission for the formation of classes on the mother and not for primary school. Some ANSA consultancy sources say that.

The formation of school classes

And Stefano Suraniti, director of the regional school office for Sicily, heard of the antimafia on October 12 last year, arguing as follows: “In class formation, all schools adopt criteria that are there to create classes for their And. some schools, however, this goal is difficult to achieve because we are likely to be in a position where there is a higher percentage with socio-economic disadvantages, so there may be a greater incidence in the suburbs of families experiencing difficulties or actually lack.And where there is a higher incidence of inconveniences and this of course also affects the training, in the sense that it is more complex classes to manage.Of course, this does not mean that our teachers are relational, communicative and also have didactic tools to try to manage a complex class: this does not mean that the pedagogical success of that class or part of the class is not necessarily achieved ht exists precisely because there are external dynamics that affect performance “.

The teacher: “False statements”

Another version is accused by Anna Maria Alagna, director of the Sturzo-Asta Institute in Marsala, who is announcing judicial initiatives against Inguì, of “false, tendentious and unfounded statements” to the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission, from which he Manager in turn asks to be reviewed. A clarification should come from the initiative of the Ministry of Education, from which it was announced that an inspection will be launched to find out the facts and the responsibility.


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