The “province”, as the constituent legal system of the Republic and as a local territorial body, encompasses a very wide range of competencies, ranging from school to road infrastructures, from special economic zones to funding strategies and PNRR funds, from youth policy to student training superior.
All the very current topics that Cronache TV addressed by interviewing the President of the Province of Matera, Piero Marrese. He has compiled a review and an overall analysis of both the criticisms that characterize the provincial authority, as well as the organizational efforts he is making as President for the development in Matera and equal to all the municipalities in the Matera region. guarantee. always grow and always in line with the best policies. Among the topics addressed by President Marrese are those that stand up for programming intensity and implementation intensity, interventions in the school sector and in the road system. Two areas that Marrese admitted to Cronache TV that he is very close to his heart, as well as the strong pressure that the president of the province intends to give to the college. This was followed by a detailed and accurate list by Marrese of all the intervention of the province, which inter alia raised significant funds for the school, sports and road network sector and opened a profitable strategic dialogue on the Zes and road network. the Valbasento which will have a significant impact on local employment. The passage of the interview, in which Marrese addresses the issue, is significant and he clearly states against the attempt to abolish the provinces as a territorial body. “I am working,” said Marrese, also with the Ministry, with the Government, with the Minister of the Interior on a reform affecting the provinces. I personally am one of those promoters who think it’s useful to go straight to the presidential election and give the same resources, the same areas of competence they had before, to organize the provincial structure well –
There was also a passage in the interview in which Marrese spoke not only of his role as president of the province, but also of that of the mayor of the city of Montalbano Jonico. A city that is beautiful and sculpted on the monumental Calanchi, and which – thanks to the political commitment of the Mayor and his administrative team, has achieved truly remarkable levels of cultural, ecological and economic progress – A city, besides Montalbano, whose future Marrese he sees less and less in the – sterile political and personal attacks he has recently suffered from the opposition – and more and more in the dialogue and fruitful cooperation of all political parties. Therefore, in order to defend his work as Mayor, Piero Marrese invites everyone, including the opposition, to – set aside personal greetings and give real demonstrations of love for the commune, all together in the commitment of a real concrete opportunity for one of the most beautiful cities of our Basilicata region-

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