Mariasole Pollio is officially ripe! The shot Instagram oral post

It’s time for exams for Mariasole Pollioborn in 2003, who just passed the oral exam of Mature and is now officially ripe! Despite her young age, the actress can already impress a long list of successes and now she can also add a diploma. To communicate it to the fans, the same influencer was on their profile Instagram, immediately after the completion of the oral examination. She was crossed for the last time across the threshold of the classroom and to greet her, she found a long line of family and friends to celebrate with.

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“A night of young actors, cold pizzas and pants, a night of dreams, cups and champions, a night of tears and prayers, math will never be my job,” he sang. Antonello Venditti. Even today, the graduating students of each year sing and hope for the notes of Night before exams. So did our beloved Mariasole, after spending her night before the exam in the nose ofAnxiety and fear mixed with the joy of completing this path. Now he has done the final exam and he is final free he can go to festivities at will.

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Photo: Instagram @mariasole_pollio

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To combine duty and passion, the Neapolitan actress chose to participate a private school, perhaps of scientific orientation, to further cultivate his passion for the actress, without giving up his schooling. Among the many future projects, there is also that of enroll in university, even if she’s still not sure which way to go, probably psychology or communication science. Beautiful and talented, the actress of Don Matteo he misses no shot and gets success after success.

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Mariasole Pollio Instagram, the shots of the tire drive the fans crazy

Wait for her after school, Post Oral, a long line of friends and parents, his father Giuseppe and mother Rosaria. Among the friends who are ready to celebrate with her, including sparkling wine, flowers and best wishes, including the 18 year old Neapolitan Paolo Carlini, for which there are rumors that Mariasole is something more than a feeling of friendship. Wait for the stage to step out Live Beats, the Instagram presenter and diva with almost two million followers can rejoice over this milestone. A lot of congratulations from his fans and we can only agree to this wish.

maria sole pollio
Photo: Insatgram @mariasole_pollio

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