March 31st, stop in case of emergency, but school staff’s vaccination obligation remains: Do you agree? – Answer the POLL

From 9 March onwards Law n. 18/2022of Conversion of Decree Law 7 January 2022 n. 1Urgent measures to deal with COVID-19 emergencies, particularly in the workplace, schools and higher education institutions“With important School measures.

As we predicted in a previous article, the document contains news on the front Covid vaccinations: in particular, the vaccination obligation of school staff remains in force (as well as those of workers in universities, institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training and higher technical institutions).


Do you agree? The school technique once again, it is up to the readers to gather the opinion of the school world on the delicate subject of compulsory vaccination.

In short, if we are at all prepared on many fronts to facilitate the inclusion measures of the contagion in view of the end of the state of emergency after 31 March, the school situation does not seem to change.

The Deputy Secretary for Health Costa, in fact, stated: “There are situations where the Green Pass is no longer neededHowever, he does not speak of the school, and suggests that the vaccination obligation should probably be maintained until the end of the year.

Even the voice of Rossano Sasso, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Educationadds to that of Andrea Costa: “I think it is positive that the health authorities are thinking about the possibility of predicting the cessation of vaccination for over 50s, a very delicate issue that has to do with that of protecting the right, but symmetrically I think that the radical change of the pandemic scenario in the country needs to think about the possibility maintaining the requirement for immunization for school staff“.

“From the Ministry of Education – he concludes stone – there is, as always, the greatest willingness to confront each other in order to find solutions that bring together individual freedoms and the general security of the school community.

What do you find in the survey?

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School staff vaccination: Do you agree that it will be held on March 31st?

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