Mantua, the school population rises in high school but falls in all other orders. A “significant decline” is expected over the next ten years

Mantua, the school population rises in high school but falls in all other orders. A “significant decline” is expected over the next ten years

School 4MANTOVA, 01 Jul. – In the next School year will sign up an increase in high school students in the Mantua areawhile which of the other cycles will decrease from childhood to primary and secondary.

But the forecast for you over the next ten years, a decline in students is defined as “significant”. These are the numbers that came out during the meeting yesterday at the Palazzo Di Bagno del Provincial Consultative Table for the preparation of the organizational plan of the network of educational institutions he was born in Training Offer Plan for the year 2023/2024 which the province has until 31 October 2022 to submit to the region for final approval.

Coordinated by the Vice President Massimiliano Gazzanistopped the table on the analysis of the trend of the school population in the first and second cycle, basically from nursery school to high school.

The decline of students in the next ten years will be significant.

In the next year 2022/2023 they will remain 50 Autonomy with 50,849 students, of whom 54,166 the first cycle and 15,683 the second. To this must be added the students of the vocational training centers, which number 2494.

The average enrollment for autonomy is 1038 students (1034 for the first cycle and 1046 for the second.

Compared to the school year just over, the first cycle next year, which begins in September, will have 928 fewer students (from 36,094 it goes down to 35,166). The only institution undersized is that of Pegognaga with 598 students (the minimum level is 600, but an exception was granted).

In the higher institutions (Sweat Cycle) the trend is opposite: here the numbers they grow of 510 students (+ 3.36%) and from 15,173 students to 15,683.

The Sanfelice High School in Viadana has dropped significantly while grow after years of subscribers declining it Strozzi di Palidano (+27) which allows him to exceed the limit of 600 (in September he will have 617 students).

Slight decline in the city for Belfiore and Virgilio Lycée. Less than 40 students for the Pitentino of Mantua while Mantenga still loses 14 students in the city. The trend is positive for the CFP, which goes from 2393 to 2494 students.

The Mantuan school population has declined by 5.49% in the last 10 years (equal to 2954 fewer students): the first cycle lost 11.20% (-4434 students). In high school, the decline is not yet noticeable: here, if at all, there is an increase of 10.42% (1480 students) and the CFP jumps by 8.5% (+196 students).

The Middle schools are currently stable in high school until 2024/2025 and then reverse the trend.

Participants included Provincial Counselor in charge of training and work Donatella Panizzi, Municipalities of Mantua, Guidizzolo, Asola, Ostiglia, Viadana and Suzzara, Confindustria Mantua, Confartigianato Mantua, Coldiretti Mantua, CGIL Scuola Mantua Association Autonomous Mantua, AIS Institutions Mantua, the Head of CPIA Mantua, the Heads of the Institute including Dosolo-Pomponesco-Viadana and the Bonomi-Mazzolari Professional Institute of Mantua.


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