Management and control of commercial activities in public and private areas, 3 days study and tricase

Three days of refresher study and advanced training on the management and control of Trade activity on public and private areas, on the management of food and beverages in private clubs, markets, festivals and entertainment and show events. Complex and highly topical issues concerning i Employees of public bodies to control events that are increasingly related to the promotion of the territory or at least become an integral part of the social fabric of our communities.

For this very reason, the Provincial General Secretariat of the Public Administration of the CISL of Lecce together with theTricase Traders Associationwith the patronage of the municipality of Tricase, three days of studies on the organizedAuditorium ‘Donato Valli’ by Liceo Statale ‘Girolamo Comi‘located in and around Marina Porto.

The works, which started on March 1st, will take place on March 3rd (from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm) and March 4th (from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm) : 30 a.m.) continue.

The days, introduced by Giuseppe Cerfeda, journalist and publisher of “Il Gallo”, saw the participation of around 100 operators, including staff of local police and administrative officials of the trade and production sectors, active in the various municipalities of the province of Lecce but also of the neighboring provinces of Taranto and Bari.

The formation was entrusted Claudio Billeri, former head of the Great Viability Operational Unit of the Municipal Police Corps of the Municipality of Florence and retired Commander of the Municipal Police Corps of the Municipality of Montespertoli (Fi). Billeri collaborates with many public administrations, which support them in the commitments and obligations in the field of trade and productive activities.

Participants were greeted by the head of the Comi, Antonella Cazzato, by the Mayor of Tricase, Antonio De Donno, by the Secretary General of the Cisl-Fp of Lecce, Fabio Orsini, by the President of the Traders’ Association of Tricase. , Stefania Palmieri, by the Commander of the Local Police of Tricase, Anna Grazia Bello, by the Manager of the Productive Activities Sector of the Municipality of Tricase, Antonio De Iaco.

“I want to repeat – said the Secretary General of the CISL FP of Lecce, Fabio Orsini – the importance for the organization of the creation of discussion opportunities as well as for the updating and training for women and men working in institutions that serve citizens and companies.

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